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Show Class Magazine  An unapologetic & unbiased no holds barred chopper mag. Choppers Always. Choppers Only.

This weekend!! Come out to @hbharleydavidson & help support our friend @philecia as she kicks cancers ass!!

@austinchopswap is having their first of many swap meets this weekend at @indianrolleraustin in Austin, TX!! There’s a ton of great bikes in TX so I imagine this swap is gonna be pretty bad ass. BE THERE!!

Our brother from another mother and DAY FUCKING ONE Show Class writer & contributor Zac Doom (known the world over as the #1 purveyor of all things occult, doom, & gloom over at @heavyclothing) got dealt a pretty crazy hand in the way of a West Nile infection that led to a very serious viral brain infection. Zac has a long road to recovery ahead of him but he’s one of the toughest dudes on the planet so we know he’ll be back up & at it soon. Please click the link in our profile to learn more on his gofundme page, and if you have the means to help, donations are appreciated a lot. If not, that’s alright. Feel free to repost or share on your own, tell a friend, or even just leaving a positive thought or prayer is appreciated. Any and all kindness is encouraged and welcomed. Thanks!

Thee baddddestttt of the BADD - @3gknuck at @bornfreeshow by @meredithdevine - SWIPE for those details!! 🍯🤤🍯

🎂HBD🎂 to this absolute LEGEND aka @brianbuscemi - Brian became a friend of mine over the internet back in the pre-IG blog days when I bought a shirt from Vise Grip and we talked here and there and sold/traded each other a couple parts over the years. I eventually met him at the first Giddy Up and he let me and a bunch of other people he didn’t really know sleep on his couch/floor and in his garage/backyard/front yard, etc... Thanks for always being the real deal Brian - miss you!

See y’all in 2 weeks up in Santa Cruz!! This event was HUGE last year, looking forward to more good times!

Pretty epic photo of @leewie’s #peopleschamp6 build taken by @bryanhempstead_media for Issue 36!

About a year ago I sold this old extended Indian front end to my homie @leewie up in the great white north of basically Canada, aka North Dakota, and a few months later he decided to do #peopleschamp6 - fast forward to a few weeks ago when he brought this amazing Panhead to Cook’s Corner as a finalist!! I think this thing is for sale too... go to his page if you wanna buy it!!

Still working on all the thank you and congratulations posts so here we are with @shamusss who was a #peopleschamp6 finalist and an eastern Canadian one at that!! Shamus drove all the way from “Toronto-ish” to Cook’s Corner stopping only to party and get married in Vegas! He might not have won People’s Champ but he’s definitely winning at life!! Great meeting you man!! Thanks to @josegallina for the first photo as well.

@josegallina shot this photo of @tooth_and_nail’s mind blowing & award winning Shovelhead for Issue 36🔥

Added the last couple CLASSY crop tops to the store & put them on sale for $20!! 🔥 @meredithdevine

We got a couple of these Chain Heart crop tops left in the store & on sale for $20 - today is the last day of the sale!! 🔥 @sinnamon5150

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