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Shota Kaneshiro  💎ショウタ カネシロ💎#dontfollowmeifyougonnaunfollowme

New Vlog is up now guys! Go check it out👀 Full video will be on YouTube. This my last few days in LA😭 thank you all my friend help me making this video especially Sam✌️ His so talented and also he break dance! But thank you all my friend are here for me 💜 Do big thing in Japan💪🏻Go watch full video on YouTube and click like button below. Please help subscribe his channel☺️ thank you and enjoy of rest the video! https://youtu.be/XoHHT8t2RHA. @samuelkidokim @jesse.dulay @isthatbento @ukulelejammer09 @kaitlynejin #bffs #LA #subscribechannel #vlog #loveyouall # dobigthinginjapan #changeit #友達のチャンネル登録に協力お願いします

Last dance in U.s.a✌️ here is "Forest edit." The full version with different sceneries is up my friend channel! Special thank you to my bffs Jesse and Sam. Thank your make this video for me. Even tho we live far each other we still brother forever. I'm glad I have my friend I can call as family and brother. Brothers are always got each other sides. Well this is going to be my first choreography with Jesse. Jesse is one of my best friend and family. He is really kool awesome dancer. Thanks to filming this video to Sam. I only met him 3 months ago but I can tell he is one of my best bro already.👌🏻
I want to say how much I love you guys so much! I will do my best in Japan and hope will see you guys soon! Guys make sure follow them Instagram too! And Watch full version on YouTube. Make sure click like button below, and don't forget subscribe his channel. There is more kool stuff awesome video coming soon too. I hope you guys enjoy this video😊 thank you✌️ @jesse.dulay @samuelkidokim #changeit #dope ##youtuber #bffs #フルバージョンはyoutubeで #友達のチャンネル登録お願いします🙇🏻 https://youtu.be/ajfJFKJVoLQ

Happy late birthday to my bestfriend and brother 😊💕I miss you so much! I'm gonna wait for you until you coming to Japan 😎 I love you bro ❤#tbt #birthday #loveyou #missyou

Story of my life 😎 this is how I spend November and thanksgiving! To be honest I really don't like live in here but I'm glad met these awesome friends like I really can trust everyone in here . I hope we keep in touch forever even when we get old. We should had like turn up party when we are adult 😁 thank you for everything! Love you all❤️

#tbt I really miss my brothers 😭

Another showcase😎 man I never thought I will keep dancing again because of the job. But I'm really glad met these awesome people. We started practice 2months ago and I can say we did great performance! We try hard everyday to make great showcase. I'm kinda sad it's over now but I hope we can do something like this again this team! Thank you for everything 🙏🏻 thank you to my gf and her friend come to watch our performance 👍🏻

I didn't forget your birthday so don't worry lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST FRIEND Rochelle 🙏🏻🍻🎉2️⃣0️⃣ you guys don't know how much I miss her! Jesse, Jonathan and everyone😥 I hope you had good day boo! I hope you doing good in college or life lol I really want talk to u about anything! I hope we can see each other soon. I really try to go back Cali soon as possible. So praise me 😂👍🏻 even we live far from each other but no matter what I'm always will be your bestfriend forever! 😁 turn up bruhhh #Tu #BF #youwerethinkingit #but #yousaidit #loveyou #family

What a best day ever! 🙏🏻 I hope it's really great performance to all of them. I really glad I met these friends 😭 if I never met them? My life will gets sucks. But best showcase in my life. Thank you to all my friends and love you all forever. I look I forward to dancing with you guys again! Man I was so nervous I have to do MC LOL I was shanking and mumbling when I try to speak haha

Thank you for Zara 2 years. I'm really sad. I'm going to miss you guys so much :( thank you for my awesome friends and senpai!🙏🏻 I had great experience with you guys! Thank you for this Funtime job with me. I will never forget what I leaned in here. Good luck guys👍🏻 #ラスト出勤でした#zara退職 #みんな最高 #寂しくて泣きそうやった #先輩と友達に感謝
#社会人頑張るぜ #本当にありがとう lovefriends

What a surprised 😭😭 after my dance lesson they surprise my birthday 🙏🏻 thank you for wishing my bd! I'm glad I got good senpai! thank you for everything. Thank you for great birthday present too! 😏 #birthday #21 #ifeelold #thankyou #senpai #letsdothis #今年の抱負 #仕事とダンス頑張って!いつまでもハッピーでいること👍🏻

河口さん送別会😢🙏🏻 thank you for everything for this 2 years. I'm glad working with you. #最高のメンズマネージャー #thankyou #麻美姉さん新マネージャー😁

Showcase last night! Dang it was fun 🙏🏻 I'm happy that dance with this great team. I hope we an do this again 👍🏻 well I rly love this part😂

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