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Azealia Banks "Rogue& #34;

Devin LJ Clark.

This is my little clique! @elliegoulding Ellie Goulding is my best friend, @katyperry Katy Perry is my homegirl, and @lordemusic Lorde is my right hand lady. Lmao at Ellie, she's like here take this drink! Lorde is ready to get this shit started, she's about to go 0 to 100 lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ Queens of Alternative Pop

Does anyone know who this gentleman is???

Stunning @lilyghalichi


Pursuing to become a supermodel is very inspiring because, I wish to always be remember for my work, even after my death. Wanting to be remembered, like Elvis, Marilyn, Tupac, Shirley Temple and Liberace. 🎈 "400 Lux" A Photoshoot by @thegenerationclub and the model is @tiniejesus and shot by Hayley Barrett the lovely photographer. @rageonofficial @sirmaejor @lordemusic @mileycyrus @shaundross #mileycyrus #rageon #rageonofficial #thegenerationclub #ureskaya #tiniejesus #forumsfame @ragenyc @ericxwest @ericalexanderthegreat @__darkvaider @sarahxsarina @sarahkjelleren @elliegoulding

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