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Kelsie  I Fight Dragons With Taylor.

I feel like everyone hates me and my account is trash #taylorswift

*no one cares but whatever :)

Sorry for the LQ, but this commercial is so cute!
Just an update: My (now ex) girlfriend broke up with me yesterday sooo there's that.
Also, i really love @taylorswixt and @encouragingswift #taylorswift

This is honestly my favorite thing she's done lately.
JUST GONNA THROW THIS OUT THERE: @encouragingswift page idea is amazing and more people (AKA YOU) should follow it and engage. ❀❀ #taylorswift

I'M BACK AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! If you're new to my page, my name is kelsie, i'm 18 and just throwing it out there, i am into girls. ❀ #taylorswift

I actually really love this outfit. Wbu? #taylorswift

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREA!!! Thank you for taking care of my best friend. #taylorswift

This dress is beautiful on her tbh. (Gonna make a Andrea with Taylor edit when I get home!!!) #taylorswift

Remember when everyone made a big deal about this and called her a "diva"? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #taylorswift

I just spent 2 hours making a ton of edits for my theme. 😁😁😁 THANK YOU FOR 1.5K!!! #taylorswift

Literally cannot wait to have OOTW music video edits in my theme!!! #taylorswift

LOVED this photoshoot. Opinion on this photoshoot? #taylorswift

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