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“When we first opened the shop, we decided to do a two-week soft opening. We really had no idea what we were doing as it was so different from how we had started out at the farmer’s market. Over the course of the two weeks it was so crazy busy that we ran out of ice cream. We were in at 6am to make ice cream, opening at 6pm to serve the ice cream, and then closing at 10pm to make more ice cream into the early morning. We would take turns napping in the back of the shop. There was a point where we realized we couldn’t keep doing this and then remembered that we were only in our soft opening and were still able to close. So we had a great excuse to say, we learned a lot of lessons and we’re going to close for a little while to rejig everything and figure out how to run a real business.” — Liz and Chris, Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen

"I came from a background of government work and marine biology. I’d never touched retail sales before, so I was really being coached by my wonderful team around me. We’ve had a number of successes through the year, one being a pregnant customer came in around Christmas time. She was due any day. She did a lot of olive oil sampling and after she left she went into labour and had a daughter who she named Olivia after her visit to our store. That’s a very memorable moment for me."
— Elizabeth, The Unrefined Olive

It’s the little things.

“We try and create a social hub, you're not just shopping for products, but you're meeting people, you're learning new things, you're learning new cultures. That’s always been a part of the store and continues to be.”
Chris Gibbs of Union LA

"Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam is our headquarters and flagship store. I move nomadically within the office, without a desk,  coordinating the various environments and zones that our business occupies. I divide my time between our head office, stores, international fashion weeks and factories. My home is situated above our Amsterdam flagship store, so some may say that I truly take my work home with me…” Hussein Suleiman from @dailypaper #WhereIWork

“My first sale made me feel amazing. It was such a gratifying experience to know that I had created something that resonated with other women. I was very grateful.” -Beatrice Feliu Espada

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“My days are kind of weird and awkward. Our two organizations are set up in the back of my family's church, where I'm an Associate Pastor. This year, we'll also have three cohorts of high school students in our nonprofit program, FATE. They come into our space once a week. So on any given day, I could be working on product for Merit, curriculum for FATE, or something going on for the church.”
-David Merritt #WhereIWork

“During my full time job, you can find me in common workplace settings--home office, WeWork or in my car commuting from meetings. So, for my passion project, (side hustle) I moved away from the traditional work spaces. When I’m working on @WeAreBossMom projects its always after 9pm (after my children go to sleep) and it’s always in bed. I know, I know. I’ve read tons of articles and research showing how working from bed is not good for you; but I find it to be my most productive workplace! I went as far to purchase a pillow wedge and a lap desk to help with my posture and comfortability for my #deskbed. I would share a picture but I’m usually in pajamas, braless and rocking a topknot.”
-Brittany Valdes

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“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.” —Oprah Winfrey

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