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  I LOVE taking pics, my pets, adventure & the Sea.Most of my pics are available for sale/trade.I want to collect art and pics from other amazing IGers!

Some graphics I made- the last two aren't my logos, I just made them 3D.

So this pup was dumped- left to die. She was so close- lucky Someone was were they shouldn't be and found her. I then got her. The first night was bad- she ate and drank but due to the lack of food and water she had many seizures that first night. She also had bad diarrhea, so needed to be bathed and cleaned a lot. I work 10hrs a day and couldn't care for her. I gave her to the rescue group that I foster for and she is doing great. She is huge. We think she is a Great Dane. Who would have guessed, as she was so small. #rescuedog #foster #puppy these pics are from day 1 and current.

#nationalpuppyday 2017- meet my new foster Daisy!!

So for my Bday I like to go to the beach. I was going to camp but due to weather I got a hotel. I first went kayaking. The wind was blowing and got worse as I was on the water. I decided to paddle where the wind/Kite surfers were. Well it took about and hour. I got a few pics. Helped fetch a board. Then time to head back- it seemed like I wasn't moving. Took over 3 hrs. When I finally hit land I rested/played/stretched. The paddled for about an hour more. On my bday I was called into work. Worked until midnight and had my dinner taken from me by a stupid aid. Not the best, but not the worst. #SPI #kayaking #kayak #windsurf #windsurfing #kitesurf #kitesurfing

Most of my winter athlete friends are getting ready to fight/earn their Olympic birth for 2018: so I thought I would post this huge piece I made. It's not a great picture, but if you look close you can see the rings. Made up of Olympic images. #art #olympics #olympicart

My newest Wade wall: was only able to find frames for 3 of them. None of the other frames looked right. #oceanart #oceanartbykoniakowsky @oceanartbykoniakowsky #art

Finally a render I'm satisfied with. I'm digging this program. So lucky I get to play on it at work. What do you think @oceanartbykoniakowsky ? #oceanartbykoniakowsky #graphics #surf #oceanart

A logo and motion graphic for a documentary I'm finally starting to work on. #pioneerofsurf #billedger #edgarbrothers #legandary #legandofsurfing

When you finally see your friend after the holidays- and they are talented and they know you so well!! Stoked to hang this #paperquilling on my wall!!! #wave

Sort of neat that my pic is in this years Paddling buyers guide. Check out a copy today with a lot of amazing pictures. #kayaking #kayak #paddlingbuyersguide2016

It's not prefect- but it's my first 4D project. I'm not happy with the lighting but I had limited time and it will do for now. Such a fun program.

Found this little gem at Wade's art gallery!! I have a lot of framing to do- thanks @oceanartbykoniakowsky #oceanart #oceanartbykoniakowsky #whale

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