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It's been a lonely posting but I'm grateful for my group of psychos. Thanks 'Patrick, Sam and Mary Elizabeth'. #mediclife #breakingmydetox *M.E. spotted a cute guy #hallucination

很多人不需要再见,也不在乎,因为只是路过而已。但我们不是“很多人”。 #珍惜 #buddygathering

八卦吧吧吧个不停呵呵呵 #buddygathering #mediclife

Was it a pure coincidence or an act of fate that these two souls who gave me life have their birthdays so close to each other, such that it becomes a pure convenience to celebrate them together, sharing a cake like how they share their lives.
As long as I can remember we never actually got two cakes for them.
Well of coz it isn't about convenience at all, but about practicality and the stand of our values; does celebrating anything separately gives any special meaning? Does two cakes signifies anything more than what one cake can do, except contributing more unwanted calories. Little children may want more in terms of quantity, but mature understanding adults would appreciate more when more quality is given.
Again, but what's the point of having a long winded appeared-deep talk when the true message is a simple, short and sweet message. 🎉Happy Birthday Mum and Dad 🎉stay happy, stay healthy, stay faithful. ❤️ #happybirthday #mumanddad

Distance makes the hearts grow fonder. Another good week spent with family. Take care ❤️❤️ #rareholidays #medicholiday #family

Take time to listen.
Take time to inspire.
Take time to enjoy.
Thanks RY. #souvenir #deathlyhallows

The only S size left. 😂 .
Thanks RY and Josh. .
#Nintendo #Uniqlo #pikachu

IfI have to choose one favourite cartoon character, that would be Totoro, coz he's a potato too!! And a cute one! 😂 #mediclife #iphonecase #Totoro

Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurities. .
#mediclife #camourflage #caterpillar

Our first Famous Amos in 2017. Hahaha. #mediclife #FamousAmos #DoubleChocChipPecanNut 🍪🍪🍪

Somehow studying is more fun with wifi, coffee and a conducive environment.
Impressed with the service today. #mediclife

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