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Shoog McD  🐊F L O R I D A ❤️ //👽⚦🐷🔻♌️//Follow @shoogsart for my art, & check out ! Hire me: Plz support me on patreon::

On a lighter note, I had the total pleasure and privilege of attending @kimball1524 birth of baby Lola yesterday! This is my third birth, and each time it is so uniquely magical. I am really loving being a birth photographer! This is the moment that mama pulled the baby out of the water, and into her chest. Seeing life happen, new beginnings, and listening to that little one open up her lungs and scream was so rejuvenating! Also a big warm shout out to the @midwives_cooperative for being so peaceful, loving and constant. Please email or direct message me with any inquiries about my birth photography and rates… Recommend me to your friends! #ILoveBabies #WaterBirth #Homebirth #GainesvilleMidwivesCooperative #halfasecondOld

Today was a shit show, I can't believe we were outnumbered for a minute, that was wild. Also, there was a gay confederate flag. Truths revealed. Fingers crossed the fucking county commission finally moves the monument to white supremacy. Watch my story for outtakes. #fucktheconfederacy #GainesvilleFlorida #FuckWhiteSupremacy #AllWhitePeopleAreRacist #DeepSouthDeepRacism #GayConfederates


When the #FeralChildren get a hand-me-down big wheel, taking turns is harder than you think. #pileup

Found this little nest the other day, nestled inside a plastic bag of dryer lint on the back porch. So snug! I just want to let everyone know that I am OK, yesterday was super scary and I feel a lil embarrassed that I posted about it, because I obviously was looking for support/sympathy… I thought about taking it down but fuck it! I feel really loved and cared for, and I need that sometimes. Shit with your heart is so scary… It's your life force! It's what keeps everything going! And when something is wrong with it that you cannot control, it feels extremely scary and my fear of death was amplified. Fortunately I have been able to connect with many people on here who have similar heart experiences, and I feel less alone. I think the worst part about it is I don't want to feel like I don't trust my heart… that I can't rely on it.. and I know that I will probably have this heart arrhythmia my whole life. #heartache #svt 🖤💔🖤Finding little secret stashes of new life around my shack definitely makes my heart beat though… But in a good way.

I think I need a new hearttttt🎵 #SVT #fml #heartslowdown #crybaby #sendlove #leoheartdontfailmenow edit: Watch my story for update

Sunni w that summertime sweetness ☀️🍇

Hi! I want to give a shout out to everyone who follows me on my art Instagram @shoogsart and those rad folks who support me by buying my original artwork!! A lot of it is about feelings, and fat bodies-some animals and planetary investigations mixed in. Right now I'm in a p serious watercolor phase. Everything on there is avail for purchase unless it says sold. If it's sold, I can make you something similar. Thanks for helping me sustain!

This weeks' joy moment was dipping the #feralbaby in thier 1st spring ever. They smiled and laughed and charmed me to the core. #luckyuncle #uncleshoogie #chosenfamily #infantsinnature

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