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Get off your knees and pray with your legs because faith without works is dead.

I was watching a fishing show yesterday and the guy had caught a really big fish and the awesome thing about what I was watching was that this fishermen he had a friend there coaching him on what to do. The friend knew exactly what to tell the fishermen to bring the big fish in, all of the directions ensured absolute victory. So as your friend to which some of you know personally and even for those of you who don’t know me personally, hear me and hear me good.... Hold on, and be strong because you’re closer than you think.

A strong word but best if put into action.

Stay in the right head space. Your personal sanity depends on it. #PersonalWar #WarWithOurselves

In the eyes of God we are judged by our actions, and the purity of our hearts. The intent in our actions is what God looks at. Be good but not just to others but also to yourself. Strive for purity in your heart even when you feel you want to do it for the self satisfaction of rubbing it in the faces of people you feel needing to know that you did it on your own. Don’t let your good be evil spoken of.

Lmao! I don’t hate her at all she’s cool! @sharonyoungblood

Happy Valentine’s Day my love. 😍😘😜 #imojimovie


Let’s help one another. And not pull each other down.

My baby girl Taylor broke her first board and got herself a white belt! #ProudDad @mrscharhinton

My little cousin Morgan and Kennedy

This stops today!

For my ups , my downs, the sunshine in my life, the rain in my life, for allowing me to see your favor over my friends and acquaintances lives, for the promise to me that you made, for forgiving me when I complain, for understanding my tears, for allowing me to helps others, for my job, for my gift and ability, for giving me the strength and know how to provide for my family, for my family, for the people you placed in my life, for every single solitary thing you have done, will do, won’t do, allow to happen, for whatever you block, for the determination you’ve placed inside of me. Thank you God. 🙏🏽💯

Coming soon.

This is beautiful. But it’s easier said than done. I learned that we have negative thoughts in our mind ever fourteen seconds and that prints our mind and body to stop trying to reach for that goal. The goal is to fight with everything that is in you! There isn’t an ounce of time available to lend to doubt. Our determination and willingness to succeed is greater than our fear of failure. We are almost there! We are closer than we think! PUSH! KEEP GOING! Momentum is on its way to us! So what it’s happening for everyone else, our moment is coming, but we gotta keep working! Everyday I’m working on new music, new sounds, new ideas, now what are you doing? Are you writing? Are you preparing for your moment? The tide is about to turn let’s stay ready so we don’t have to get ready!

We’ve been wearing hoodies wrong folks!! #GetrightChurch

. Point blank

@cousinssubs today is a good day for a sub!! #I❤️Cousins

In real life

In real life.

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