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iranian fanpage of shiva safai  Supporting the beautiful and talented Shiva Safai💖 My dreams will come true the day I meet you 🙏 I will always support you ❣

+I have no idea how you and Mohamed met. We would love to know when and where you met and when did you start dating?
-I met Mohamed very randomly on a beautiful spring day in Beverly Hills. He was having lunch at his favorite restaurant and that’s where I was with my friend. We locked eyes and there was this instant chemistry. We never talked but I went home that day just thinking about him, I found him on Facebook, reached out to him and the rest is history. We talked for a few weeks before we went out on our first date.

+من نظری ندارم که تو و محمد چجوری همدیگر رو ملاقات کردید. ما دوست داریم بدونیم کِی و کجا همدیگر رو دیدید و کی شروع به قرار گذاشتن کردید؟ - من محمد رو خیلی تصادفی تو یک روز بهاری در بورلی هیلز ملاقات کردم ، محمد تو رستوران موردعلاقش داشت غذا میخورد . ما هرگز با هم صحبت نکردیم اما من رفتم خونه و اون روز همش به اون فکر میکردم ، من محمد رو در فیسبوک پیدا کردم و قبل از اینکه به اولین قرارمون بریم برای چند هفته ای کوتاه با هم صحبت کردیم.

Our lovely couple 😍❤❤@shivasafai @mohamedhadid

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