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Shiva Rea  Welcome Lifeadventurers. Our offerings are on www.pranavinyasaflow.com. On the horizon: Jan 27 Bhakti Yoga Shala, Humaliwu Womens Lunar Arts


Shakti rising at the Women’s March in DTLA with the next generation of upstanders- my niece Layla. Sending lots we in action to all the women and men and who came out today! #wimensmarch2018 #womensmarchla #loveinaction #wisdomrising #pranaflow

New Moon Blessings! A fertile night to tend your inner fire and remember how you felt under the full moon on New Years and here we are on the journey of the first new moon. Om Hrim Shyam! May all your creative offerings be blessed! Spontaneous late night Bonfire mantra: with Vishvambhar Seth who will be joining us next year and beautiful Tess from our Prana Vinyasa immersion. #sahajapranaflow #mayapuris #pranavinyasa #livingvinyasa #livingflow

Our new moon giveaway! Announcing our new location and lunar arts retreat/teacher training in Humaliwu/Malibu location on the cliffs of Zuma beach overlooking Pt Dume. Our Live + Online program Starts April 16-22 Embodying Prana Flow- Elenental Lunar Vinyasa for Women. We are giving a tuition free spot to this inspiring teacher training to bring the arts of movement meditation to all in an empowered learning environment cultivating the circle of women in all seasons of life. All the info is on www.pranavinyasaflow.com If you are on the comment list, you are registered in the giveaway. Two will receive our online lunar program on YogaAlchemy.com. Love all ways! Music: #yotamagam flowing wear by beloved #goncastyle Movement Meditation is Bhumi pranam here in Humaliwu #pranavinyasa #pranaflow #somapranaflow #bodymudra

Back at home nest just in time for sacred Cali rainy days. Stay warm hearted my friends and a bow to those in intense weather. Also praying for Santa Barbara area mudslides. Tomorrow a home practice giveaway for all those tending the fire inside. Love all ways Shiva

Addios Familia! Vaya con Dios! Goodbye Costa Rica Family! Journey with the sacred! May we feel the prana of nature wherever we are and rise to bring love in action.
May the fire of our heart blaze with greater love.
May we move and breathe the way we want to live.
May peace prevail on earth beginning in our own hearts.

Sending you goodwill as we begin the journey of New Year and our Pura Vida 2018 Pranafication Evolutionary Vinyasa 200-300 Teacher Journey at Blue Spirit, Nosara comes to a close... Gracias to all the amazing souls on our retreat, Stephan and Annette and Michael as founders of Blue Spirit, Jose, John, Sophia and amazing staff, Maria Garre, lead teacher assistant con amor and Nele van Poucke, Daphne (week one), dancing spirit Juan Gabriel New Years 10 days, Prashante, Sara Varona and all within retreat and tt, Mitra, Ell and Leo for shamanic blessing, joy of Jai Uttal, Nubia, Vish and Vrinda and family and special gratitude for another great adventure with my beloved Demetri who offered dharma and Prana Danda. We will be back for 2017-2018 Solatice- Jungle Christmas-New Years life rejuvenation retreat, yogadventures and teacher inspiration. Pura Vidaaaaaaaa

Your body is the bow. Your intention - the arrow. Your heart - the aim. Mantra - the wind. Release with love. Be pierced by the moment of realization. 2018 global offerings of retreats and teacher immersion all for you are up on www.pranavinyasaflow.com .#pranaflow #yogadventures #bodymudra #loveallways

We love coming together to raise awareness, funds and the New Year vibration in a beautiful sunset practice for #sinpaquillaporfavor or no plastics in Nosara Costa Rica #yogaenergyactivism #pranaflow #junglelove

Say yes to life and dive into the new cycle. Love from our Sunset New Year Ritual Full moon in Costa Rica #junglelove #pranaflow #pranavinyasa #yogadventures

Yemanja offering New Years morning for mother ocean❤️ Blessings

New Year Blessings from the bonfires of Playa Guinoes, Costa Rica!

Last day of 2017 - almost full moon...may our individual and collective journey in life be renewed again and again as we dissolve and rise like the sun and almost full moon as we journey into this extraordinary day. I will share with you our pranam - bowing to the earth movement meditation for the new year live from Costa Rica and moments from our unfolding day including sunset, yoga trance dance and Kirtan with Jai Uttal into full moon. Free meditation sign up www.yogaalchemy.com until Jan 1 Bless the journey.

Free New Years Movement Meditation. ... Four days now to listen into how we want to evolve in the new year. Join us at www.yogaalchemy.com to receive a pranam process that you can enjoy in short or long form. We are all sparks of the sacred fire. #junglelove #pranavinyasa #pranaflow #pranam #loveinaction #amirimage🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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