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Shiva Rea  Welcome lovers of life. Our offerings are found on and online May we connect soon. Love all ways....

It is not easy ... Let us exhale to be with everything just as it is. Keep really exhaling. Really letting go. And really inhaling the mystery of new life. Hang in there. We are all in this together. Love all ways. Baby Shiva 🔥❤️🔥#awakeneverymoment #pranaflow

Well this is my last four days in this embodiment before surgery on Friday and I will be moving and shaking all week, including my only #libfestival class on Thursday with my son Dj Jai. This is the great Dj Cheb i Sabbah at Tadasana Festival.We did our first Yoga Trance Dance together in 1996 at Yoga works when dance meditation was rarely part of the yoga world. I had just changed the name from from Yoga Rhythms to Ytd and we continued to collaborate over the years for many great moments. Chebiji was a Global Dj maestro mixing deep roots of Asia/African music and pioneer of Asian underground and a real eccentric Baba that we lost to cancer too soon but his spirit and music live on! And a documentary of his life is coming soon. Jaya Chebiji ki Jai! All love to the #moversandshakers! #chebisabbah yogatrancedance #pranaflow #awakeneverymoment

Be Courageous Love! Emerging from four day music making immersion. Tiny glimpse into a soul project for the people with the extraordinary @benny_holloway and Beats by Dj Dionysus! I will share more tiny glimpses of his amazing voice-music ...first we start with fun and gratitude! We will play a few tracks at LIB! I have never had so much fun creating. Thank you Ben T, Alex V, Lara Z, Joel Dvine 1 and my beloved Demetri. Bless all the musicians and creators for bringing magic in the world. Stay tuned...#pranaflow #awakeneverymoment #pranavinyasa

Royal Love rocks the world! Duchess Meghan!!! Prince Harry your activist Mother is beaming down. Rev Curry!!!!Celebrating the fire of love alive, transforming and evolving our global family.

Magnify love..Join me for the incredible LIB Festival for Prana Flow - Awakening Instinctual Body next Thursday, May 24 with Dj Jai #libfestival. In the beginning when I found out that my healthy soul body had some mutant cells known as cancer and I had to be tested everywhere. I cried every type of tears howling and also the most beautiful slow rollers. Every since, an instinctual happiness has awakened in my cells for positive energy. This is our moment to Live and I choose a transforming love current admist turmoil, uncertainty, challenge and contraction. I choose yoga, movement and the festival of life next week - the day before surgery. So I hope to see you on Thursday as beautiful #michellenayeli is teaching Prana Flow for me on Friday. thank you #onemillionfaces and music: Gus Gus classic Magnified Love. Be Free! #awakeneverymoment #pranaflow #pranavinyasa #libfestival

Sacred strength! I love bones on earth walk-uo my mountain for prana and joy with my vajra 10. Rock it lovers of life🔥❤️🔥

New Moon Good News! After 3.5 weeks of going down the rabbit hole of 8 tests (two biopsies and a Pet scan) and waiting in limbo land, I received the results back from bone biopsy from my excellent UCLA doc today. I do not have cancer in my strong bones or any beautiful organs😍I will have to have surgery for invasive breast cancer in one sweet Tata on May 25 at noon. Thank you for not leaving treatment advice as this is fast growing and requires swift response and I have best on integrative medicine😍On June 2nd, I will know if I will have the fierce nectar But if so it would happen AFTER our favorite pilgrimage to Greece and my dream of Chamonix Festival with Dagar brothers and Wanderlust Squaw Family reunion!!!! Yeahhhhhh! So
30 rounds of Radiation for 6 weeks just got ruled out! One more big threshold left. So thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. I am here for you too always! I am staying equanimous and devotion to love and joy and whatever needs to happen after June 2nd, I will keep rising! Greece Delphi and Santorini and Costa Rica are all on big sale as we had registration on hold. Now with arms wide open, I open to the journey and am living every moment till May 25th flapping my wings, prana flow yoga, dance, kayak, surf before going into healing cocoon. I have a greater appreciation for every taste of life - the sweet and the bittersweet and the wisdom, love and courage that rises in tides of change. Thank you from my heart... here for you but I have to rely on collective communication right now to focus energy in living and healing. Bless you all and if Delphi or Santorini is your dream...let’s make it happen😍 it is our spiritual home and the retreats will be like soul tribe. Evi Evan! To Life! #pranaflow #pranavinyasa #moversandshakers

New moon blessings soul friends. Lighting prayers and extending good will for so many in healing juncture. I see the soul beauty in all phases and faces of the One whether in tenderness, suffering or delight. Be a light wherever you Shiva’s Gate by Dj Drez #pranaflow

Returning to the earth and Rising! Jai Ma! From Shakti Fest with Beloved Radha and Jim Beckwith and Bhaktas! #108pranams #shaktifest #pranaflow #oranaflowpranams #jacquelineradharosen

Happy Great Mother’s Day from Wisdom Rising - Mandala of the Sacred Feminine at Kripalu with Lama Tsultrim, Krishna Das and amazing tribe as we love, respect and empower every woman to return, rise and dance in the holy Mandala that is our body, home, community and sacred earth. I love serving the dancing dakinis embodying the fierce love of the Great Mother for all🔥❤️🔥Jai Ma!

In the Goddess’ waiting room for the last test results of 8 tests of what has been a few weeks worth 1008 yoga practices. I am without symptoms but I am now one of the women who every two minutes is diagnosed with hereditary breast cancer. I am so grateful for my good health and beloved soul family to meet this real life yoga sadhana. A shout out to all who are in the unknown and resting in the lap of the great Mother. I have an excellent team of east-west integrative medicine at Ucla and very happy to at least know We can go to our spiritual home in Greece in June but will have to go into surgery right after LIB festival on May 25. Thank you for your good wishes and thank you for Not giving advice 😍. I am opening to this highest sadhana of love and healing on behalf of all women and all beings. Dedicating our weekend with so many around the world for the Great Mother. I will be with Lama Tsultrim, women rising and Krishna Das at Kripalu And Shakti Fest on Sunday Monday before going into healing home ashram with Demetri, Jai, Baba and soul family. I bow to you all and open to awaken every moment. Love all ways! Baby Shiva Music: bad luck blues by blend crafters 🔥#awakeneverymoment #108pranams #moversandshakers #pranaflow #pranavinyasa

Soul friends and Sonic healers. What a blessing that Deva Premal and Miten are back on tour and here in LA Tonight! This was a special morning savoring the Gayatri with Deva and Miten’s blues. Demetri‘s Zoura and Carolyn’s Hang. Miten is super luminous after open heart surgery a month ago unexpectedly. Inspiration. So we are lovers of life rising for creation. See you tonight my friends for this amazing concert. Have a soulful day. p.s My soul blog post soon come😘#devaandmiten #soulparty #pranaflow #loversoflife🔥❤️🔥 #shaktibhakti #pranavinyasa

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