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Shiva Rea  Welcome lovers of life. Our offerings are found on and online May we connect soon. Love all ways....

In the room of lovers
I can see with closed eyes
The beauty that dances this world.
- Mevlana
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Prayers for all in the storms of chance. Jai Ganesh! On this 4th day with the crescent moon, May we enter this fall nourishing all the auspicious creative power within each cell and transforming any obstacles and challenges into opportunity. In Kerala, we throw coconuts upon a black stone as an offering to feel the power of cracking a hard shell to get to the sweet nectar inside. So let’s keep that in our awareness today to check within ourselves where the hard head creates obstacles and how and where we can crack open to a greater love. I am so grateful to be returning to the 10th Bhakti Fest as a great family reunion. The celebration begins this year with Ganesh Chaturthi #loveallways 🔥#Jai Ganesh #pranaflow #bhaktifest 🔥
Here are my offerings in a sea of love and incredible teachers, artists and bhaktas.
I will be sharing with you the spirit.
11:30am  Fluid Power with Alex King/ Yogi Tunes
1:30pm Soma Prana Flow with Benjy Wertheimer

8:00am Women’’s Yogini Circle Jacqueline Radha Rosen 
9:30am Sahaja Yoga Trance Dance with Parvathy Baul, Alex King, Dvine1
3:30pm Panel with Deepak Chopra, Jai Uttal and Shiva Rea
8:00am 108 Global Mala Pranams with the Mayapuris

Slowly rising. I was tending the joy fire with full baby shiva nothing will get me down devotional tapas for the last four months. At the peak moment of celebration with my besties around the 🔥 in total joy and radiance, I was plunged into the last three days of grief ritual and soul compassion for dearest @monicamesadasi and the loss of her beloved son. Shock again. My joy helped me every moment through these last few months of cancer treatment but when we lose our youth unexpectedly, there is an emotional devastation. My joy went down to help the soul gem of grief as if diving down into an ocean of heavy emotion to find a pearl. . Now after pranams this morning, the birth of lil Taj Franti and the 10th year Bhakti Fest crazy god people gathering is bringing my spark back. My heart is emerging within this cycle that we are honoring by grace of the sea of love that brings some strength to be strong for others bsck. May the sea of love that embraces the totality of the cycle of life help us find our way and stay steady in the sea of change. Tender love to all wherever you are in the great cycle. #pranaflow #bhaktifest #sahajayogini #loveallways spontaneous moment caught by Demetri Velisarius Music Sheila Chandra classic.

Shanah Tova my soul friends. I always stay close to the ritual cycle of Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur that arrives at the just the right soul time when the shadow and light begin the transformational process of Fall. So I am dedicated to prana flow pranams this week with shalom offered by Audi Gozlan as part of the Journey of the Year - 108 Pranam project that will bring universal mantra and movement meditation to anyone who needs to return to the Source. We have been semi-fasting but will enjoy some apples dipped in honey with a deep prayer for my sister Monica Mesa and her family, my friends on the east coast preparing for hurricanes and anyone who is struggling to find any sweetness in life. I pray that through all the difficulties and challenges that we can find the deep wellspring of the One that nourishes us all in the full-spectrum of human experience. Please let us reach out to each other and feed each other our honey of love. May our new year be good and sweet by the grace of the One. All for you dear Monica and Cheyne’s Soul. Shanah Tovah Umetukah. #loveallways #tenderheart #soulfriends #tendingtheheartfire #livinginrhythm

Dearest Friends, I hope your new moon is beautiful ❤️sometimes for others it is intense. Please support our dearest sister and Prana Vinyasa teacher @monicamesadasi.❤️❤️❤️Dearest Monica,
We surround you with all our most tender love as you pass through the unfathomable devastation of losing your eldest son Cheyne. We have just been on the phone together in tears and howls and phowa meditation visualizing his radiant essence merging with Source essence. You asked me to gently let your friends know as it will be public soon. His choice of suicide swells our compassion for him, you and your family and his friends and all the youth of today facing the highest suicide rates ever. We are here for you in all the big waves of grief and all the intensity that is going to be part of the next days.

We will be holding space for Cheyne and Monica in vigil these next 7 days/49 days.
Demetri and I are around this fire now in mantra offering to honor the soul of your beautiful Cheyne. Tears streaming for your son, for our youth, for this precious life.
Rest betwwen the intense waves of grief and we will be there for you every step.
ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma
Ram ram ram ram ram ram ram ram ❤️we love you.
Tender love to you all

Maha ❤️ Shiva and Demetri

Beloved OG’s in our house🔥Soul friends. ...over 25 years of connection. I love you all❤️ this was a #spontaneoushang next time your invited 😘#soulfriends #soulparty #loveallways

Vitamin F for fun, funk and friends🐬It’s a wrap🎉
6 weeks of early mornings, 1.5 hours of driving to 28 rounds of radiation. One great crew at UCLA who let me bring my own music and eccentric fun to the journey. I am grateful for the UCLA team, Beloved Demetri, Baba, Jai, Alex, family friends, yoga partners. Thank you for your support and good vibes. I have to wait 6 months for skin to heal then last surgery in Jan, and then five years of hormone therapy (if I do well on them) and lots of healing complimentary alternatives. So if you are at the beg, middle or near the end, we can do it together. On the new moon, I will share with you my lil plan. Sending you mojo love. #awakeneverymoment #vitaminfun #bygrace #pranaflow #loveallways

Oh lovers of life...this churning is part of the cycles three days before the new moon. As the inner tides change we learn to not be afraid of our deeper yearnings, to relax with the churning of life and to return to the ground of love again and again. Sending you support and compassion and thank you for all your good will. It really moves me. Back to the sacred churning aka writing😘#sahajayogini #churningnectar #pranaflow #bygrace #pranaflowmandalamat #livinginrhythm

Almost there. I asked my Doc why i have burning and scaling down my back when I receive treatment from the front. Answer: the intensive radiation goes all the way through to burn the back skin even though it never faces the machine. Say what? Nonetheless, these six weeks are almost done and I am grateful to be able to receive treatment and to keep living this sacred life despite these cuckoo times. Life is worth living with you❤️

May we see the One in All. Bhakti Fest is the one festival I never miss as it is a big family reunion to recharge the way of universal love. We have been there since the beginning and now it is the 10th year anniversary and a big family reunion of the most extraordinary kind. This year my offerings in my soulful movement meditation Prana flow classes include guest artists Mayapuris, Parvathy Baul, Jacqueline Radha Rosen, and Rara Avis of Yogitunes/Desert Dwellers, dvine1 and many more. Come for four days or one❤️ #bhaktifest #sahajayogini #pranaflow