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Shiva Rea  Moving Meditation Flow for the Fire-Moving Prayers and Sunset Pranams for All. Join us today Monday Nov 12 at 4:30pm.

We are so grateful our neighborhood was spared and we are not sure how as there was no more water but we heard the flames were just below and all around. We are praying for all and still evacuated in Santa Monica while our neighborhood is closed so we are teaching this sat for beloved Govindas at the Bhakti Yoga Shala. You can reserve a spot and come and cultivate sacred strength and movement meditation with Vira Prana Flow and Prana Danda. This is donation based. Keep rising. Love all ways❤️

Malibu Fire Update from a local friend who is on the inside: PCH currently remains closed for several safety reasons: - PCH is receiving heavy repair efforts as it is a critical path through Malibu, but every arterial road off PCH is devastated and is slowly getting repaired. - Every single road in the fire zone is subjected to downed/burned/damaged telephone and power lines. By my estimate, at least 90% of poles are compromised or have loose hanging lines. There is a spaghetti of these lines strewn across roads, and as power is restored, these lines may become live and dangerous. I've heard estimates that over 1k poles in Malibu need repairs, but I'd guess that it's 3x that. - There are currently around 300 Edison vehicles strewn across the road throughout Kanan alone doing repairs (according to a local sheriff deputy doing surveillance). These repairs would not be possible if people were allowed into the area and were using these roads.
- These roads are also treacherous or impassable as fallen rocks, fallen trees, and broken poles still remain in the road and have yet to be cleared. Many of us do not have high riding vehicles that would absolutely be damaged by this large debris. - The steel bridge on Mulholland burned and is currently impassable. - There is also a very large gas leak up there that they have been having a hard time getting under control. There are other gas leaks being identified and repaired in other areas too. Obviously, this is a health concern.
2. Within the closed/evacuated area, PCH remains open throughout Malibu. However, every single arterial road off PCH is blocked by law enforcement. This heavy security is to keep looters out of residential areas (and well appreciated!), but it also prevents residents on the inside from moving around and picking up supplies from another part of Malibu. You can travel freely if you live directly OFF of PCH, but if you live on a street off of PCH you will NOT be allowed back on your street if you drive past the blockade. It doesn't matter if you have a license or proof that you live there. #woosleyfire #loveallways

We, like many families, do not know about our home. No electricity or running water and only 40% containment with the Malibu-Woosley fires. But it is getting better and the winds not as bad as it was predicted.
Not sure what tomorrow brings but Demetri comes late tonight and our 26 yogini circle is closing our circle tonight as well. I am teaching with Demetri this Sat morning nov 17 at the Bhakti Yoga Shala (you can pre register at (bys) donation based at door.
I have not turned on the tv this whole time as the people to people network through @youngactorsproject witj Shoshanna and Luhui at @wishtoyochumashvillage are keeping us informed. The city of Malibu said that in one week they would have a complete list of homes. ❤️❤️❤️we are praying for all and grateful we are here safe and in deep community bond. It is true that in the end what matters most is friendship, health, safety and love. Thank you for your prayers as the world around us goes back to its normal rhythm, we are in a meditation vigil for the lives lost and devastation that has happened and yet feel stronger than ever from the fire of realization and love that life is a supreme gift. Blessings and gratitude. If you are local please join us sat.❤️❤️❤️❤️#pranaflow #woosleyfire #malibu

We are praying for all. Still waiting on full update. Dancing, chanting, praying for quiet winds with long time friends as we feel our collective strength in love to face the unknown. My tender gratitude for all your prayers and our dearest friends, Shoshana, Lorin and Camille, Dvine1, Masood, Suzanne, Joey, who offered your art and all of my sisters who helped make it happen to gather Monica, Kelley, Katie, Nayeli, Linder, Denise and 26 yoginis and brothers who offered your heart, my Jai, Demetri, Baba, family and all of your prayers. ❤️❤️I know love and life are the greatest treasure. We are diving back into our training thanks to the rose room. Today we will be gathering in Santa Monica north of pier btw lifeguard 13&14 for Sunset Pranams with Mantra. #loveallways #woosleyfire #somapranaflow #humaliwu

This is now. We are together. #loveallways #woosleyfire

We needed to find shelter to gather for our 26 yoginis and the Rose Room (inhale yoga space❤️❤️❤️) offered the space to the community. So we are getting ready to dance walk there for our 10-12 session and then we will be back at 2:30 then at 4:30 the sunset Pranams. This will be intimate. It is pop up for peace. We wanted to share and offer refuge for anyone affected by the fire of the times. Please follow post and join us Live on Rose at Ocean or at Rose Room and then at 4:30 by the sea. Thank you for sharing. We are tender and strong together. #humaliwuprayers #pranaflow #loveinaction #woosleyfire #somapranaflow

First time hearing of new fire at Sokstice Canyon in the news on my phone. My heart goes out to everyone who is enduring loss as well as rising in love. If you need refuge as I do come be in a grounding and soul nourishing SomaPrana Flow with our evacuated global yoginis we are gathering for three Healing practices that we are opening for all. Please see feed of wonderful friends joining: Joel Dvine 1, Lorin Roche, Masood Ali Kahn, Suzanne sterling, Joey Lugassey. So many of our Beloveds are out of town or evacuated. Let’s be together. Praying for all❤️

Oh local friends pop up Love in Action
Flow for All for the Fires
Benefit for Shoshanna and Malibu Young Actors Project loss and support With Bsby Shiva
Lorin Roche, Joel Dvine 1, Masood Ali Kahn, Suzanne Sterling, Joey Lugassey TOMORROw
Mon 11/12 Rose Room
6 Rose Ave., Venice
Soma Prana Flow and Live artists. 10:00-12 pm
4:30 pm: Sunset Pranams
FREE FOR ALL or donations for Rose Room
Benefit for Young Actors Project of Malibu to support youth l 🔥Details
Tomorrow Mon 11/12!
Rose Room-
6 Rose Ave., Venice Beach-
9:30 am-12:00:
Soma Prana Flow - with Shiva and Joel Dvine1 w/ live sitar 🔥
2:30-4:30 Shiva w/ Lorin Roche, Masood Ali Kahn, & Suzanne Sterling!
4:30 pm:
Sunset Pranams FREE FOR ALL by the sea; Moving Prayer’s for the California Fires.
All are welcome
All ages
Bring sarong or mat/something to practice on and layers to stay warm. 🔥
Benefitting Young Actors Project of Malibu to rebuild production space and bring loving support for the youth affected by the fires 🔥
 Donation based!
Sending all my love for all affected by the fires, we too are praying for our home surrounded by the fires, only 10% contained,so come be with us, as you are!
Love from Baby Shiva

We are praying for the Malibu-Woosley fire which is only 5% contained. Our house is surrounded by fires in upper corral canyon and Latigo cyn. It was standing yesterday because of three brave volunteer neighborhood fire fighters. I do not know what the next days will bring. But I am here with our 26 yogini circle and we are in training for meditation healing arts so we are not turning on tv news but relying the old fashion way of people to people. We are praying for calm winds and safety for all beings. We are a strong California commmunity and we will keep rising. My heart goes to all. We will according to air quality be offering some free community meditations on the beach this evening sunset for sun-mon. I will post at noon the plan. I love you all. Pray from calm winds, safety, rain, fires swiftly out. Om Shanti❤️ #malibu #woosleyfire #pranavinyasa

Yesterday was so intense as I packed my car with my son and filled it with sleeping bags for 26 women from all over the world. We had no place to go and I was coming towards them through three hours of evacuation and now we are all in one house like a slumber party of tears and live and support and deep meditation. I slept on the roof with Kelly wand watched the area of our home and community burning at one point making a stream of red light across the ocean. We are safe and settling. Our heartfelt prayers for all affected by devastating loss or trauma. Our humble home seems safe for now but the smoke is mythic here in Santa Monica and the vigil is still on.
❤️❤️❤️maha prayers and love in action. #rootsrising #humaliwu #pranaflow

On pch since 11...packed to the rim.
Yo Westside get ready...Malibu exodus coming to you. Praying for all fire fighters and first responders everywhere - in No cal too. We are all safe. Meeting yoginis in the last house we could find for slumber party. May the winds cease. May the fire be put out. May any loss bring something greater most of all greater love. May we wake up to what matters. Love all ways ❤️

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