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Shiva Rea  Welcome lovers of life. Our offerings are found on and online May we connect soon. Love all ways....

Bright but hidden, the Self dwells in the heart of all. The Source of Love may be known through love but not through thought. Realize the Source of love hidden in the heart as the goal of life. - Mundaka Upanishads

Mantra is liberation through vibration. So grateful that we will be able to offer a “Dhrupad and Prana Flow immersion as part the Chamonix Yoga festival at the base of Mt Blanc in France. We are honored to host the jr Dagar brothers who are 20th generation line of Dhrupad artists. You are invited from our heart to imbibe the healing sublime Come for festival or join on Sat or Sunday or just 3-day immersion. This will be Intimate Immersion for 40 plus amazing Prana flow teacher assistants. ... Dive in July 9-11 🔥❤️🔥#chamonixyogafestival#awakeneverymoment #pranavinyasa #pranaflow

Listening, Breathing, and Loving tenderly this precious moment with all.

Radiating the light from Santorini, Greece. Breathe in the best moments of life🔥❤️🔥

Summer Solstice - International Yoga Day Blessings from the center of the volcano in Santorini,Greece. Sol Rising! Power to the peaceful!. Viva Amore! vive L’Amour! #awakeneverymoment #pranavinyasa #pranaflow #moversandshakers #samudrayogadventures music: Drumspyder

Breath by breath we emerge ... Any pain I have experienced is small compared to the immense grace that is pouring. Any loss of plans has been filled with the beauty of this present moment. Any pressure is now dissolving and giving space for my real life dreams. I have been in simple Prana flow sadhana and now 9 days after drains out from surgery my whole body is singing. My little breast wing will take some time to fully heal but I am really happy and grateful to be in the flow with great group as we head down into the volcano. Summer solstice upon us - turn to the light. #bealight #pranaflow #awakeneverymoment #moversandshakers

Opaaa! Breaking plates with cats, Mikhalis and Yainni, Milena of Santorini Mou I love u Taverna in Santorini and soul friends of Yogadventures! Thank you for your smiles! Our family of 15 years. Tomas the guitarist was not there as he is doing chemo in Athens. You were with us and everyone who is breaking the odds. I break this plate for US! Zoe! For Life! #awakeneverymoment #pranaflow #moversandshakers #loveallways thank you Juan for catching the moment

Wahe!!!!! Returning home via ferry to live on the edge of the volcanic island Santorini where we haven’t missed a pilgrimage for 15 years. A month ago I wasn’t sure I could come and now I am inhaling every moment of the Aegean light as our retreat begins with local and global friends. Sending you open arms to be free!!!! Don’t sweat the small stuff...Wahe! Be Free. Music: drumspyder🔥❤️🔥thank you #juanpuroyoga and Demetri #pranaflow #awakeneverymoment #pranavinyasa

Dance for the Papas!!!! Happy Father’s Day!!Dance in the rain....Dance for Life! Goodbye Delphi and our beloved family including Papou Leonidas who supports local weavers of Delphi Greece. Leonidas and Demetri caught me dancing to Drake and well let’s spread the intrinsic joy! Now we leave Mt. Parnassos for the summer solstice in Santorini retreat. By God’s grace we will be back....🔥❤️🔥#awakeneverymoment #pranaflow #pranavinyasa #samudrayogadventures #danceforlife

I have ten days to decide how I will live the next six months and what choice of healing to take that will effect my life down the road. Now I have both the challenge and the grace of choice. Being that my life is interconnected with the life of all my first intention is: how can my healing and choices be of benefit to all. So two months ago I chose to share my journey to give support and courage of anyone in any challenge. I will be consulting with my teachers and healers which includes founders and healers such as Dr. Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute, Dr. Stephan Rechtschaffen founder of omega Institute and Blue Spirit, Marta Sofffer of Surya Spa, Dr. Daoshing Ni of Yo San (20th generation TCM) Dr. Aashini Masters of UCLA and most of all my inner guru, partner Demetri and family and Soul friends. I feel blessed to be able to pause and reflect and listen from the ancient space of Delphi and Santorini. If I choose the science of the fierce nectar aka chemo with alternatives, I will for my life and all beings. If I choose to do what I have said yes to: radiation for lymph nodes plus estrogen hormone inhibitor for five years plus alternative but no chemo I will for my health and all beings. I have inspiration of those before me. I am not afraid but humble and listening. I could shave my head this afternoon as I am not my hair. I am however a yogini and no matter what path I choose in next 10 days my life is dedicated to health, vitality and healing. My research as a movement alchemist-anthropologist trained at UCLA will be dedicated to the power of soulful Movement meditation, joy and self-love combined with the best of alternative and western to live an awakened life in service to all. #awakeneverymoment #loveallways #pranaflow #moversandshakers #bealightinthedarkness Loving You just as you are 😍😘❤️.

And now for some comic relief from today’s pilgrimage as I wait to talk to my Doc after test results came back and she wants me to start the “fierce nectar” known as chemo right away when I return. Weighing options ... for now, I am going to dance down the mountain with soul friendz.

Sending you tender compassionate embracing and empowering healing love from my heart through the staff of the healing messenger. I am grateful to move while little wing breast and heart area heals. What a new moon. Chanting Deya Dova #awakeneverymoment #pranaflow #pranavinyasa #pranadandaflow #delphirising

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