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Shiva Rea  Welcome lovers of life. Our offerings are found on pranavinyasaflow.com and online YogaAlchemy.com May we connect soon. Love all ways....

Don’t miss the beauty of Hoop Vinyasa~

Starts March 19

With Michelle Nayeli Bouvier
Please join me in this one-of-a-kind online course of Hoop Vinyasa, a fluid embodied practice with roots in Prana Vinyasa yoga, inspiration from circular movement forms, and a hoop as your practice partner.
Hoop Vinyāsa grew from my life as a yogini and my love of hoopdance. While warming up for hoop practice, needing a break from intense dancing, or to cool down, I’d naturally find myself using the hoop to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize the body.

As a tool, the hoop invites the spirit of play, curiosity, and discovery into embodied practice. As a prop, integration of the hoop supports energetic alignment of the physical forms, balanced flow of transitions between asanas and other movement, and heightened awareness from including a novel prop.

Movement sequences cultivate patience, sensitivity, and awaken an energetic experience of deep connection in the spine, our axis. The hoop becomes a teacher for moving in curves, spirals, multiple axes, and in the non-linear world we inhabit. Hoop Vinyasa pathways are inspired by yoga asana-vinyasa (especially the evolutionary approach of Prana Vinyasa) hoopdance as its own art form, and modern movement science centering on non-linear functional anatomy.

An important element of Hoop Vinyasa is pulsation-based creative kriyas, or Rhythmic Vinyasas as we call them in Prana Vinyasa, which help create a state of rhythmic entrainment- synchronization of body, mind, and breath through rhythmic repetition.
~Michelle Nayeli Bouvier

Sacred Mts special gathering New Moon Natural Mystic New Mexico Honoring Soma - the regenerative power of Nature and the great teacher Dr Lad who is on his way with great rasikas gathered. Emanating the grace of meditation...new moon blessings lovers of life🔥❤️🔥

We made it....Australia to Albuquerque with same lil “it’s colder than I thought pilgrim outfit” but heart warmed by prana flow bhaktas gathering around the fire at the Santa Ana Pueblo Tamaya retreat here in ABQ. Thanks to #mariagatre and tribe. Stay warm and wonderful. Night night wild thangs❤️

Shakti rising! Calling all lovers of Shakti...Spring Navaratri Online starts this Sunday for 10 days in alignment with the spring equinox this year. Yoga, Ritual, spring cleaning, meditation and community from your hOme and body altar. Register here: www.yogaalchemy.com

Oh lovers of Life... Baby Shiva’s last days of pilgrimage as I head to ABQ, New Mexico to honor Dr. Lad, be with Maria Garre’s New Mexico School of Yoga and offer Pranam Movement Meditation Immersion as a tridoshic offering for generating Soma. This is the time of Spring Navaratri for the Great Mother, when I honor my mother who passed with the Spring Equinox. Pilgrimage completes sunrise from Chaco Cyn and Humaliwu. Love all ways.... Shakti Mandala Happy Seva Caps supporting creation of women in Varanasi ❤️🔥❤️ #pranavinyasa #pranaflow

#neveragain Standing with all of the youth who are in peaceful protest as they walk out for change to make schools and the Us safe in positive change. Tens of thousands of youth in LA are in the walk- out now and I will be marching on March 24 with the youth around the country. Keep rising!

Prana Mandala Vinyasa Movement Mediation with beloved Deya Dova and Hamilton under the Dome here in Sydney. It was epic.... Thanks to Every soulful being who came out as we added this last day for the people only two weeks ago as all came together with Nicole and Rod and team at Inyoga and Lara and Benny ( your music pierced our hearts), Delamay, Juan, Ari, Amanda..... we will be back ....Australia you have claimed me with your ancient song lines and charmed me in every way with your warm spirit. I hope I have served the greater community and that we will breathe again together soon🔥love all ways Baby Siva rides again....

Two soul sisters uniting to serve the people....so grateful to culminate an epic six weeks here in Sydney at InYoga under the Dome with Deya Dova and amazing community. Thank you all ... starting the magic in a few moments. Will share more soon.

Calling all interested interns! Samudra Team Internship:

We are looking for a team of Prana Vinyasa Interns (men and women, US, Europe, Americas, Asia) who want to complete their 200/300/500 hr hour program.  Do you have a background or talent in editing, writing, design, social media, community building?  Do you have an hour a day x 5 days most weeks to be part of our inspiring community building team?

Exchange is for tuition of Samudra programs 200-300-500 you are interested in attending - more details sent upon consideration.

Please send your resume OR background for talent in editing, writing, design, social media, community building, customer relations, in bullet points by March 21st to karynrobinson108@gmail.com and we will choose the 2018 Interns for programs to begin straight away.

Samudra Departments:  Retreats and Assistants  Affiliates  Teacher Training  Newsletter/Web  Yoga Alchemy Online portal  Editing/text projects/social media. #pranavinyasa

Shakti Rising! Honoring International Women’ Day with a Giveaway for 10 women for our Spring 10-day Shakti Sadhana on www.yogaallchemy.com. Just like and comment and chosen winners will be notified by March 16. Keep rising!

Honoring Intl Womens Day and this moment in Varanasi near the Kali Mandir where the protective aspect of the Great Mother emanates refuge and empowerment. “In Shakti is the form of all things ... of all that lives and moves in the world. There is no jewel rarer than a woman.”- Shakti Sangama Tantra. A shout out to all the ladies around this sacred planet and all the brothers who honor women at all ages for this is the time of sacred balance and Shakti rising on behalf of all.

So grateful for Arli Liberman for offering your soma drenched music and voice with us as I offer Radiance Sutra poetic rasa #pranaflow. #somapranaflow #arliliberman #radiancesutras #rasikas

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