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Shiva Rea  Welcome Lifeadventurers. Our offerings are on www.pranavinyasaflow.com Costa Rica for Solstice-New Year and India for Feb. Maha Shivratri 2018.


**Giveaway**New Moon Diwali Blessings from my heart home altar to you. Light the inner and outer lamps. Remember we live in an abundance of solar light and renewable energy that we have only tapped into .00001%, we live in abundance of breath, waiting for us to receive fully and we all have an abundance of love to fully give. This new moon we can embody Diwali abundance of Sri Maha Lakshmi by breathing more fully, loving more fully and feeling your own cellular effulgence. If you want to go deeper and experience our five day Lakshmi course then go to www.yogaalchemy.com. Course offering is for the Solar Lanterns the cost of one lamp $15). ***Giveaway***I am giving this course to eight people by 3:00 pst today from like, share, comment. Jai! Jai! Jai!

Embodying the Light in the Dark **Online Course Giveaway for 9 **
Diwali - the Ritual 5-days of Light is upon us with the cusp of the new moon as a time to literally get your inner and outer house in order for the coming waning months of fall and winter and connect with the light in every cell of our body, the light of life we see in each other's eyes and the light of all transforming love which rises creating a way to see through the darkness. One tiny light can illumine the dark. This is the night that celebrates the victory over dark forces in the churning of the ocean of life (Samudra) and the emergence of Sri Maha Lakshmi with the pot of Soma -creative, regenerative power. So with compassion clear our inner and outer house and honor the boundaries that protect life by lighting as many "Diyas" or lamps of auspiciousness with your prayers and call in the light. You can keep this ritual going through till Sunday or beyond. Tend the fires of love from our body, home and community. Remember you are royal - raja.
Course info:
Embodying the Light within the Darkness
Diwali Lakshmi Sadhana COURSE GIVEAWAY
~Just like, share, and comment on this post to be entered to win! We will announce the 9 winners tonight at 10 pst and you will have all the meditations to begin your practice tomorrow.
As we enter the darkest days before the new moon, Diwali is an opportunity to fear at a cellular level by embodying our relationship to creative power - Sri Maha Lakshmi - shakti, supreme vitality and cellular prosperity.
* Maha Lakshmi meditations and reflection/contemplation from the cellular to the outward flow of prosperity
* Prana Flow Pranams with Lakshmi Mantra
* Lakshmi Meditation Puja-Ritual and Sacred Altar guidance
* Lakshmi Namaskar Sadhana
Sign up at www.yogaalchemy.com
$15 or more to Benefit Be-A-light Solar Lanterns ❤️❤️❤️love all ways. #bealightinthedarkness #tendingthefire

Let's dive into the non-verbal healing sanctuary of movement meditation in support of Be-a-light solar Lanterns. Begins online Oct 18 on yogaalchemy.com
4:15 for all 6:30 yogiinis with #jacquelineradharosen #pranavinyasa #newmoonritual 100% seva🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

Feeling very tender at the outpouring of sharing from #metoo and I want to thank everyone who held space for someone today, particularly the brothers who holds space for a sister, a daughter, a beloved, a friend simply by listening, looking them in the eye with love, holding them, asking how THEY feel not and just being present so whoever is vulnerable is able to in the moment of their vulnerability and tenderness open to the healing. That alone is so much. Thank you from my heart. My tears are watering the earth. May there be a ripple of change. May all beings be respected and held and listened to when they need it most. Take care of that little spirit inside each one of us. I love you my sisters and brothers.
We are all in this together.#tendingtheheartfire

Joining the collective healing process. I bow to all who are speaking out and for the men who are also speaking out. For me, it started from a little girl. Lecherous 60+ 3rd grade teacher - daily kissing us girls goodbye with yucky lips and trying to take us to back room of library. Lecherous Santa. Lecherous Photographer. Just creeps and feeling too ashamed to even tell my parents. Never feeling safe with the Rapist "Stinky" in the news and taking most of my adult life to not be sacred of the dark. Being flashed by jerks- too many times in urban Oakland, San Francisco, Memphis, NYC. Narrowly escaping rape in village Kenya. Being grappled in crowded places all over the world. Holding sisters who have gone through much worse from family abuse to rape to domestic violence. Holding space for brothers who were also violated and abused. And also eventually stopping practicing yoga in systems/paths where the Gurus/ teachers were sexually exploiting or abusing their students. It is going to take women and men rising together. May all beings be and feel safe, protected and empowered to speak out and may all beings be respected.
We are offering two women's circles this week that are all seva - for service. Free Meditation for New Moon.
We are gathering live this Wed. Wed. Oct. 18 Shakti Mandala - Yogini Circle Bhakti Yoga Shala, Santa Monica. Supports Be-A-Light and
Online Diwali 5-day meditation Embodying Light in the Darkness also for Be-A-Light. www.yogaalchemy.com as a safe place to be authentic and embody our essential wholeness. $15 buys one high quality lantern. Love always #metoo #shaktisadhana #pranavinyasa #bealightinthedarkness #wisdomrising #jacquelineradharosen

Diwali Giveaway for all my classes this Wednesday as we open to the new moon Festival of Lights. Wed oct 18 4:15 at #mandalacenterla and 6:30 Shakti Mandala -Yogini Circle with beloved #jacquelineradharosen (women.girls of all ages only). After studio, all proceeds is for buying solar lanterns going to Puerto Rico. We will be creating a sacred space to full embody the sacred feminine as we begin Diwali dedicated to Lakshmi Devi. To win a spot to my 4:15 class with a solar lantern to pass on or give back just like and or comment or share as I have 3 spots from each, #bealightinthedarkness #bhaktiyogashala #pranavinyasa #shaktisadhana #metoo

Dolphins on the horizon to the left of sunrise. May today move your soul...find the beauty wherever u are. Love all ways....

Good morning lovers of life

We feel grateful to land from a 40-day around the globe pilgrimage in the arms of good friends for the funraiser at Mandala Center having just arrived from Kripalu, then Quebec, Delphi, Kerala, Sourh India and sacred mt Qingchengshan, China. We are transformed by icollective movement meditation as universal love in action. It was very tender everywhere in the world . People are praying and do care about what is happening around the world. 🌎This Wednesday local offering begin the first five days of Diwali - Festival of Lights to raise money for solar lanterns going to Puerto Rico and Sonoma. Thank you to friends around the world-in our hearts forever.#bebobby #seanecorn #sauldavidraye #kiamiller #pranavinyasa

Let's come together yoginis on the eve before Diwali-New Moon to support each other and our prayers-love in action for the world. I will be teaching beforehand at 4:15 at Mandala Yoga Center and then having tea and cacao and coming over to Bhakti Yoga Shala - my two favorite studios and dear friends. Ready to make a shift with you...Love all ways. GIVEAWAY: like share to be my guest. Oct 18th 6:30pm info Bhakti yoga Shala Santa Monica bhaktiyogadhala.com #pranavinyasa #diwali #giveaway

Prayer is Love in Action. Please join Saul David Raye, Seane Corn, Kia Miller, Bob Wisdom and I will be there (coming home the night before) as we come together for Puerto Rico and also our friends in No Cal/So Cal fire. Love all ways. Hostedby MANDALA Oct 14th 1pm tickets: mandalacenter.us #pranavinyasa

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