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Shiva Rea  Shiva Rea is a global Prana Vinyasa teacher, yogadventurer, energy activist, & movement alchemist dedicated to the roots & evolution of yoga for all.

***Sacred Retreat Giveaway Wishtoyo Aug 19-20th***
chosen from like + comment/repost on Aug. 6th Full Moon as a thank you.

Join us for our second annual new-moon overnight retreat to Wishtoyo Chumash Village in Malibu for a special opportunity to experience Wishtoyo as we honor on sacred land that has been inhabited by the Chumash peoples for over 8,000 years.

We will experience natural movement meditations as we enter into ritual space around the sacred fire that will stay alive during our retreat as we breathe the fresh ocean air under the new moon/pre-solar eclipse stars.

This FUNraiser is a rare opportunity to sleep at Wishtoyo to come together for to support the building and expansion of the ceremonial center to serve cultural, environmental education and action centered at Wishtoyo.
Please go to to see all there inspiring programs.

We will create a ritual space from Saturday - Sunday (1 pm. to 1 p.m.) to listen closely to the land, sacred fire and ocean where the dolphin, whale, seals and abalone roam. You can sleep in the traditional dwellings/huts called Aps (or make your own camp) and experience meditation songs, prana flow yoga, prana danda and offerings around the fire or if you are local you can some for the day-night.

We will enjoy being near the healing pure waters of Malibu, ritual flow, Chumash teachings, meditation, as well as ritual time in silence with as we enter a collective dreamtime. We will enter the deep flow, savoring each moment and emerge pranafied as we support this amazing vision of Wishtoyo.

This will be open to 20 participants as well as the Samudra Teacher Trainees from around the world. Work-study positions are available, email us at #pranavinyasa #funraiser #giveaway #ritual

****NEW Yoga Alchemy Course Giveaway Begins August 8****
Module 4: Agni- The Ayurvedic Metabolic Fire w/ @maria_garre_ once again brings a great mini-course with her inspiring and practical sessions informed by years of apprenticeship with Dr. Lad (can't wait for their upcoming book). Join in, this is a great way to learn from home!

In Ayurveda the concept of Agni our digestive fire is most important for healthy, vital, vibrant living. All metabolic process inside your body happen because of Agni. Understanding how this bodily fire supports our well-being is a root principle within Ayurveda.

5 classes - 10 hrs | August 8, 15, 17, 22, 24
10:30-12:30pm EST & Archived professional webinar with visuals and practical handouts.

Topics to be covered: - Role and function of Agni in the body
- Four clinical manifestations to determine your metabolic state
- Formation of Ama (toxins) in the body; how to recognize and remove
- Lifestyle and seasonal practices that support good Agni - Ayurveda’s categories and types of Agni in the body

Module 4 and 5 build on Modules 2 and 3. If you have knowledge of Doshas and the Sub-Doshas then Module 4 is a good start.

For a chance to win this online module: comment + like/repost || 2 winners will be chosen and notified August 4th! $75 for professional webinar (link to course in bio) 🔥

P.s check out this special digestive ginger appetizer video by Maria: #pranavinyasa #ayurveda #agni #giveaway

Celebrating the early release of Francesco Mastalia's new work of art- YOGA-the Secret of Life featuring his exquisite photographs taken on glass plates using wet colloidal process that he engaged with 108 wonderful yoga teachers on the path.
You can enjoy the wisdom that each teacher imparted and support this amazing project by ordering through this link and people will receive signed first edition copies from Francesco. From my offering:
Yoga helps us feel the secrets that are inside our breath, that are inside sound, inside love, inside intimacy with the life force in every moment. I am grateful to have been present with elders, sadhus, and sadhvis; those who are dedicated to listening very profoundly to these inner secrets. Perhaps they are only secrets because they require deep listening. #yogathescretoflife #pranavinyasa #

Listen deep...clear the way...cultivate your heart intention as the new moon is upon us tomorrow morning. It is always darkest before the dawn. Aham all ways....See u my local friends Sunday 10:45 #mandala_center #pranavinyasa #bodymudra

NEW Moon Offering- this Sunday July 23rd
**Class Giveaway** Be my guest, like + comment or regram for a change to be my guest for this special NEW MOON class this weekend. Winner will be chosen and notified Saturday*** Sunday New Moon for @sauldavidraye 10:45-12:30
Mandala Center: 719 Broadway in Santa Monica.

I'll be teaching for Saul David Raye​ this Sunday at the new @mandala_center I am looking forward to offering Jala Prana Vinyasa. This New Moon Jala Prana Vinyasa practice is a complete, balanced movement meditation to cultivate the soil of the new moon (bring your mala or bodymala for mantra japa at the closing practice). You can sign up in advance or just come as you are! Love all ways! #newmoon #jala #pranavinyasa #giveaway

I’ve always tried to bring more soulfulness and meditation to Sun Salutations, which is why I’m honored to teach this month’s @yogajournal Master Class, The Evolution of Namaskars. If you want to bring more attention, healing, and depth to your Namaskar practice, I hope you’ll join me to learn the sequences, mantras, and mudras originally used in this powerful ancient practice. I’m offering a live lesson on Chandra Namaskars and answering student questions THIS Monday, so sign up today (link in bio) to participate. As part of the Master Class mentorship program, you’ll also access a year’s worth of additional online workshops from my fellow world-renowned teachers. I hope to see you there! #pranavinyasa #namaskar #yogajournal

Tomorrow local friends@Jala Prana Vinyasa for all at Mandala Center 4:15 pm you can sign up in advance. I will be there at 4:00... this class is a healing solar-lunar flow where u can stay or alternate within the flow to cultivate your inner balance for your life.
We will begin with ten minutes of Prana flow lunar- Surya Pranams and then we will go into a progression of fluid Prana flow namaskars leading to a peak that is both solar for those feeling energized and lunar for those cultivating inner calm. I love the LA Mandala of amazing teachers and human beings and grateful for a space of refuge of embodied love. Mandala Center 719 Broadway in Santa Monica. Parking all around🙏🏼❤️️🙏🏼

Post game of thrones .... I love being with a partner who can play! Photo: beloved Jenay Martin

just added..Class Giveaway for Two as our guest for Jala Prana Vinyasa (fluid power for all)This Wed July 19 at 4:15 pm at the new Mandala Center in Santa Monica with Shiva. Thanks for spreading the word. Chosen Tuesday night from the like + comment. You can Sign up at #mandala_center #pranavinyasa Love to all

Dancing with the lil sisters as the beloved newlyweds Jeanele and Niko danced all afternoon ...its Friday get your fun on!

Happy to be home and support this early Bhakti Fest coming together for a great cause...I am offering a meditative flow that is rejuvenating for all. Jai jai jai!

so blissed out driving home from the best family wedding of Niko and Jeanele that not even through 100 degrees on the California 5 with only a fan can stop us. Staying cool with good company as Jai as the Dj .and Demetri as the pilot. We will share our soundtrack with with you on the way...very Lib influenced. #jaibouzi

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