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Shiva Rea  Welcome Lovers of Life. You can find all my offerings at www.pranavinyasaflow. 🌞

IT’S Here! Sacred Giveaway to promote our new seva project ✨

We will give away one mat and course to the winner as well as one rootSrise course to gift to a friend! Please like and tag a friend in this post to enter (our apologies for little technical difficulties in our first post!) and please check out our Indiegogo campaign to support the movement.
RootSrise - Power of Pranams course the comes with a Prana Mandala Mat and gives the course to a friend. go to www.indiegogo


Be a foundation mala member for the rootSrise program creating live events and online practices to bring the power of pranams - or prostrations - as a soulful physical, emotional and universal practice for all.
By pre-registering for the rootSrise course, you are supporting the next batch of mats, live free events, a ebook and video inspiration unfolding while receiving a prototype mandala mat or the sacred perks of your choice.

Thank you for being a light.

to register for the course and be a part of our campaign please visit the link in my bio!

A special thanks to Will Stockwell, DJ Sol Rising for the remix of the original Harold Melvin song ‘Wake up Everybody’, #rootSrise #pranavinyasa #flowforall #movementalchemy #pranaflow #movementmeditatiom #giveback

Oh Lovers of Life! New Moon blessings! We made it through all the challenges, retrogrades, tumultuous turns, fires and storms of all forms! We can feel the rebirth of the light a few weeks away for the full moon winter solstice! We embody these holidays of light! I am so excited to share my dreams with you! Love all ways...#rootSrise

in deep incubation on this last new moon of the year

Oh the heart of the yogini ❤️Oh I love this Devi! Look for her and you will find her everywhere with her smiling eyes and warm heart, ready to bless you and share the moment🌞Love all ways

Magnify Love🌞
We are blessed today to come together at 4:30-6:00 for Bhakti Prana Flow at the wonderful intimate space of the Bhakti Yoga Shala with my Bhakti brother Visvambar Seth to serve the Bhaktas- the ones who flower by serving love. Kirtan is after at 6:30. @bhaktiyogashala #sahajayogini #pranavinyasa @onemilliinfaces

Ahhh the holidays of light are here. Happy Chanukah Beloveds. Light the lamps of love chant by Jane Winther. Tomorrow. Somavar-Moonday 12.3 last movement meditation Soma Prana Flow at 4:30 pm at Bhakti Yoga Shala with candlelight and beloved Vishvambar Seth of Mayapuris. @bhaktiyogashala #pranaflow #sahajayogini

The beauty of resilience. There is so much inner power and life force within this amazing Palm tree that I have known for over seven years and rejoice that she and we are still standing❤️❤️❤️stay strong through the season of change. #humaliwu @youngactorsproject #rising

May your love field be so strong - that no matter what gets hurled your way - it disintegrates in the light of your soul shining in all directions. Authentically feel your inner warmth. Find your inner ears and eyes and as hard as it is, be willing to listen, reflect and be with what is. Emanate tender radiance in a subtle victory of compassion over reaction ❤️love is spacious and remains whole even as words try to divide❤️we are inextinguishandle light 🌞

I bow to the energy that holds up the mountains. - Mirabai. Grateful this morning to be able to honor my mountain teacher with my morning climb with little vajras through what was once the state park filled with sage, rosemary, fennel and now....We will all rise again

Ah sacred downpour on the scorched earth over the state park wilderness clearing the air and nourishing the seeds to flourish ❤️wishing this for you and all🧚‍♀️ #pranaflow @rachelbagby for thank you chant❤️See you Sat 10-12 local friends to celebrate life @bhaktiyogashala

Oh lovers of life...
Let it go. Let it flow.....

Pura Vidaaaaaaaa! Feeling all my friends in the storms and offer you our end of the year ray of light🌞We return to @bluespiritcostarica every year for the most amazing Sol Revival that is nourishing and enlivening for all as some go deeper in our Evolutionary Prana Flow and Prana Danda Dharma teacher-life immersions with myself, beloved @velisarius and @maria_garre_ and music by @yogitunesmusic with Alex King. The flights are lower now for these weeks! and our last spots are our special for the Winter solstice 🌞Christmas weeks (the best ever!) as New Year’s is wait listed. Go to my home page for all the details www.pranavinyasaflow.cOm #pranaflow #samudrayogadventures

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