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What happens in Vegas 🤷🏽‍♀️😇

It truly is remarkable how much you can accomplish when you really set your mind to something. I've made more progress in the past few weeks than I have this whole year both mentally, physically & professionally all because I decided to silence all those arbitrary fears & doubts that were holding me back and just fucking go for it. And although I still have ways to go, I feel so grateful and excited for what the future has in store for me & for all of us! We have so much more power than we know. All it takes is a lil bit of passion & believing in yourself 😏💪🏼

I think people tend to forget that our mind is a muscle and like any other muscle in our body, if we want it to grow strong and healthy, we need to train it. Discipline ourselves into developing the right habits both mentally and physically. It’s okay to feel sad or mad or frustrated. It’s okay to feel vulnerable. We should allow ourselves to feel these emotions for these emotions are our body’s natural physiological responses and it’s better to confront them and ride the wave than to ignore them and have them fester into something much worse. But if we want to be truly happy, we need to learn how to manage these emotions. How to train our minds into seeing solutions instead of problems. Appreciating instead of complaining. And taking full accountability for our actions. Happiness is a state of mind and it’s 💯 in our control. Just a matter of perspective 🤗 (side note I planted these succulents myself & they cute af I’m so proud :’)) let’s make everyday #worldmentalhealthday

I wouldn’t stop wiggling his butt 👀🤷🏽‍♀️

doesn’t get more California than this 😍

🚙 🏎

Whole lotta La Jolla lovin 💕

Operation first time going into the ocean since getting stung by a stingray was a huge success!! My love for the beach has officially been redeemed 😊🙏🏽

Don’t let the cute face fool you, he’s a monstrous lil shit when it comes to his toys 🙃

And thas a wrap 😎✌️🙌🎉

s/o to all my friends and peers graduating this year, we did it!😎🥂🎉 But also, A DEGREE IS NOT EVERYTHING. I think the norm in our society is to go to school, get a degree, then get a job and work 9-5 for the majority of our life. And for some people, that works out and that’s great. But for others, myself included, that’s not the life we envision for ourselves. I know there’s a lot of pressure out of school to use your degree, but if you realize that’s not what you want to do, that’s okay! We’re expected at such a young age to know ourselves and to know our passions but the reality is, sometimes that doesn’t come until later on in life. And if you think well why tf did I go to school then. Well, in my opinion school is far more than just the degree. It’s about the knowledge you attained. It’s about the discipline and the time management skills you gained. About all the people you’ve met. The connections you’ve made. The struggles you’ve faced. Those are the real reasons why I think school is so important. It is a privilege yes,’s also not everything. You’re allowed to have other passions outside of your degree. Go after what you really want. Stay confident. And don’t set limitations for yourself. We are all capable of greatness. Don’t ever let a degree or anyone else make you think otherwise 🌟
Okay am done now lol CHEERS YALL

Missin this beaut 😢💘

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