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Always different.  The coolest community-driven brand in the multiverse. 100% 🇺🇲 Made | Shipped worldwide with love.

Our community design contest is back and the stakes have never been higher! This is where we all bump uglies and figure out what's good on the internet. Prizes include free SWC gear (up to $400 credit), gaming gear, electric longboards and more! Learn more in bio

We took a community vote on new color ideas and this is what you decided! Link to these limited colors collection in bio

Fill this in, "That thing will rip your _________ off"

The shortnose bear as pictured here used to be the alpha predator of North America. Our ancestors used to hang out in forests and run into this thing! Pretty gnarly

Looks like my ex

Wear this before powerful Joe Rogan does on the show!
Rogan let @rossbainesart know he'd wear a piece from this collection if we'd donate half of all proceeds to the charity - Fight for the Forgotten.

We also have launched our new Ultra Premium tees in this collection which are our nicest tees ever.

Rogan should be wearing the white "Most People Are Good" if you wanted to match. No date set on that but we're sending it over!

We've teamed up with @rossbainesart to spread Elon Musk's reminder that Most People Are Good! This art is hanging in @joerogan 's green room! Half of all proceeds will be donated to @thebigpygmy 's Fight for the Forgotten! Link to the collection in bio

Write a manifesto! If you need help, join our community, that's what it's there for. You can see mine at

What tv show did your parents not let you watch?

This quote by Hellinistic philosopher Epicurus refers to the finite nature of fulfilling our natural needs (hunger, clean poops, etc) versus pursuing to fulfill infinite desires (money, glory, etc). He would later build a school on the edge of Athens and probably yelled at the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn. He was pretty awesome.

Indisputable for me but what's your favorite rock band?

No worries, he's just in for a check-up. Pretty surreal.

Drugs are bad, m'kay?

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