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♡ Veronica ♡  ʚ smol angel who lives in a pink cloud ɞ ★.* fashion & makeup lover*;‘☆ ☆·。BUSINESS ♡ COLLABS ."☆ ✧°。shirozumi@outlook.com & DM ✧°。 code: shirozumi ↓


♡ pose with my lil baby child and then rest with my lil baby child ♡
Do u have any buddies? What is it? ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ (I don't like calling them pets)

weaboo starter pack intensifies

♡ gothboiclique till my soul take ♡ rip baby peep.

❁ usagi ❁

◇ diamonds on my eyes, heart as cold as ice ◇ jk jk but I'm IN LOVE with my babies from @pinkyparadisedotcom
named Twilight Reborn in Grey. Now, a review:
☆ COLOR ☆ Do I even have to tell you! GUYS this color showing is so surreal I'm obessed of how they show on my natural brown eyes!
☆ SIZE ☆ They're 14.00mm and still give such a cute shape and makes me feel like I can put u in a trance WAIT WHAT but, seriously! The design is so pretty it doesn't even matter they aren't such big lenses.
☆ COMFORT ☆ literally can barely feel them, they're super soft and nice to wear so i'll be super excited to be able to go out with them for several-ish hours.
☆ MEDICAL ☆ as always I had to add this fact because YAS they do come with prescription if needed, so don't worry u lil blind u, we can all be blind princesses together.
So! If you came down here nd read it all, what do you think? ( •ω•ฅ).。.:*♡

♡ fav sweets on earth i may say (❁´3`❁) ♡

♡ If there's any justice left in the world In your next life, you'll get what you deserve, If there's any justice left in the world, In your next life you're gonna be an ugly girl ♡

yesterday was such a cute day here's a cute pic from a store i SWEAR it's not sponsore ijust thought it was cute af ( •ω•ฅ).。.:*♡ regla num. 1 de shiro, si me ven en el sambil o cualquiee sitio por fa saluden, ame cuando me reconocían y pedían pics
How many of u see/saw my stories? I'm trying to get a lil more personal and post about my daily adventures there heh.

hi is ur fav pocky pack/icecream head ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ .
soooo in love with this look, thank u babes @gabypinomakeup @grexiamaldonado literal cutest team u'll ever see sorry not sorry. Go watch the tutorial on Gab's acc! She's the actual star.

♡ cry cry cry ♡
Tell me what u are afraid of? I'm afraid of deep oceans ohhh girl nope thank u v much

( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡ a lil less serious model like pic of me cuz life ain't that sefious eather ☆
Also! Guess who's back at it with a new phone. Yasss it me and i'm gonna be spamming so hardcore n, i'm not sorry about it (o˘д˘)o
PH @voulxe @lyrium_photos

i love love love shoes and i love these lil babies from @koifootwear so much (´๏౪๏`)

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