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♡ Veronica ♡  ʚ 17. smol angel who lives in a pink cloud ɞ ★.* fashion lover | makeup enthusiast*;‘☆ ☆、BUSINESS ♡ COLLABS ."☆ ✧°。 or DM ✧°*。

CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL ¡Nos hemos unido varias influencers y marcas para celebrar el aniversario #2 de !

Para ganarte TODO lo de la imagen los pasos a seguir con sencillos:

1⃣ Dale <me gusta> a esta imagen
2⃣ Seguirme a mi @shirozumi
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Feeling like a fairy kei doll in this lovely ootd!! ✧ °∀° )/ ✧
☆ Beret from @rosegal_official
☆ Top @lenokponcelett
☆ Skirt from @kawaiimoristore
☆ Wig from @rockstarwigs @gothiclolitawigs
☆ Case @catscradledecoden

in a world of my own (。•ㅅ•。)♡ alice in wonderland is probably one of my disney clasics fav, the aesthetics and whole story make me feel complete ☆

♡ And finally!! I can be a magical girl with pink eyes like I was ment to be with the babies Dolly Eye Blytheye Pink (aka EOS New Adult) from @uniqso use my code "shirozumi" for 10% off! ♡
☆ COLOR ☆ I never thought pink eyes could actually look so cute and I personally think it blends absolutely perfect with brown eyes giving it a less harsh look but actually pretty natural... ish heheh.
☆ SIZE ☆ although they're 14.00mm (natural range) they can look pretty big depending on the makeup look you do thanks to the pattern on them!
☆ COMFORT ☆ as always I may say they're super comfy but personally (and very weird in my case) feel like bigger contacts are comfier... That's probably just me bc my doctor says it should be the opposite oopsie (๑ ิټ ิ)
☆ MEDICAL ☆ IM SO HAPPY THEY DO COME WITH THE MYOPIA POWER!!! Like for real you know how hard is to find crazy ass lenses with power on them??? I ain't going around all cute if I'm gonna have to go as blind lady no señor.
THANKS FOR READING I really hope you liked my review!~ plus I was going PINK AF on my makeup using @toofaced Chocolate Bon Bons pallet along with @limecrimemakeup's Beet It as my 2nd eyeliner AND brows ♡

♡ pinks dreams and skies make my heart melt ♡
Hi babes! Sorry I've been so unacctive lately, I wasn't in my best mood... Life gets a lil stressful sometimes but I'm fine now with so much content for u my angels omg for real tho be excited!! ☆~
I hope you had a great week and sorry I haven't been around with my usual positivity but feel free to tell me ab ur day/week that always makes me smile (•ө•)♡

ʚ it's a beautiful day to leave me alone ft. Jigglypuff a.k.a me ɞ
♡ Top and skirt from @happym0ndaystore #happym0nday #happym0ndaystore

yummy yum yum ٩(。•ω•。)و frozen bananas + frozen strawberries + oats = omfl

~♡ Blonde Bimbo Baby ♡~

coolest outfit you'll ever see - tap for info

☆ In the valley of the dolls, we sleep, got a hole inside of me. Living with identities, that do not belong to me. ☆

I have to be honest with you, this is my favorite Spring outfit atm!! I can't believe how friking adorable it is. And my fav trends popping with the fishnets + berets! LET'S DO NOT FORGET about the most amazing skirt and layering tops bc that's alaways my fav part!! Sparkling princess shoes are a must never forget ;(σ^▽^)σ ~ Tap for outfit info! ~

♡ Top and Skirt by @happym0ndaystore #happym0nday

♡ i love dulce de leche ft. babes on my pins ♡ what's your fav treat? ฅ(・ิﻌ・ิิฅ


The past few days I've been really thinking about how important is self acceptance and self love, something happened yesterday (if you see my stories you'll understand) that made me think how easly anyone could judge you on the Internet, and I thought to myself: I don't care. I DON'T CARE if I wear "too much makeup". I DON'T CARE if I have a wig on. I DON'T CARE if I wear contacts. I know me and it took me a while, it wasn't easy but I finally accept who I am and I know it'll take me the rest of my life to actually do it 100% but I love the way I look no matter ANY of the material stuff I put on or don't.

♡ This is me, no matter if I have a wig on or not! If I have contacts on or not! If I wear makeup or not! And I absolutely don't care. ♡

♡ Creo que es válido hacer algo para hacerte sentir mejor, no importa si es material, eso no te hace "falso", solo te hace más tu. Y de verdad amo ser un camaleón, sino que vida tan aburrida llevaría, y no conocerían a la Shiro o Veronica que siguen. Si desean entender el post completo solo delen a traducir, xoxo ♡

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