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Shirin Al Athrus  17 ☁️ JKT BA fair & lovely, tokopedia & sunsilk family ♡

those care-free days☁️

highkey missing mlb 🇦🇺

i wish for everything in life to be more simple ☁️ a better feed, content & me is coming. i needed some time off 😊

yesterday was my mom’s birthday and i wanna say thankyou for bringing me to this earth, i am no one and nothing and i wouldnt be where i am today cause of you. eventhough we fight all the time 🤪 & out of 4 kids im the one with most trouble (yes guys believe it or not aku paling nakal) you always payed attention & gave me 100% of life. you never force me to study or even work, the only person that stresses me out is myself 😂 when i have troubles i always come to you and when i have happiness its because of you. she said “you’ll never know till you have one” and i believe that. i am grateful for you and i am blessed to have you as a mother, youre very cool & an icon!!! behind every happiness & success, there’s always a mother ☁️

this morning at kelurahan, foto ktp!!!!!! first step into adulting 🤪

just like how i want it: rose gold & classic ☁️


nothing screams shirin louder than a rose gold suit 😝

i am nothing without my parents love ❤️

00.00 last night ❤️

good morning 17. last night was incredible, recap on my Snap ❤️

today is officially my last day being 16. this year has thought me a lot of things, especially myself & my surroundings.

the biggest lesson i learned is how to be happy, the only one that can make you happy is urself & this is one of the most important lesson ive learned. i wanna thank everyone who stayed with me this long and im so so so excited to see what 17 has in store for me. 16 was my busiest year YET and i hope 17 will offer sooo much more. 🕊🕊🕊

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