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Shirin Al Athrus  17 ☁️ JKT BA fair & lovely, tokopedia & sunsilk family ♡

throwback to that buggy ride on a desert safari in dubai and ended up watching sunset from above ☁️☁️☁️ sekarang si pemandanganku cm buku dan pensil hehe #realita #sedih #gapapa #nanti #ada #hasilnya

a bite of a new york cheescake for you😜🍰

happy monday! every week i always have this thing to always start fresh. lately i feel like its so hard to be my old self, and thats what im trying to do now.. i try to manage my time & be more positive. sooo buat kalian yang selalu ngerasa kesusahan or feeling down, u can always change that if u want cause the key to happiness is urself. everyday’s a good day to start again :-) 🕊 hows ur mondaay?


lowkey sunday🕊

september 11th 2018. surrounded by the people i love most, here’s one of them & im gonna post moreeeee sooonnn🕊☁️💙

this year i have so many works to do starting from school all the way to my social life, its crazy that i have to balance between studying and creating content let alone im a perfectionist . I’m an influencer with exclusive contract with exciting brands that im so happy to be a part of, well im hoping this Islamic New Year i will be better, happy islamic new year everyone *a little late 🤪 i have new resolution with all my dreams. i should definitely focus on my fashion and lifestyle content. its my passion here, what is yours?

those care-free days☁️

highkey missing mlb 🇦🇺

i wish for everything in life to be more simple ☁️ a better feed, content & me is coming. i needed some time off 😊

yesterday was my mom’s birthday and i wanna say thankyou for bringing me to this earth, i am no one and nothing and i wouldnt be where i am today cause of you. eventhough we fight all the time 🤪 & out of 4 kids im the one with most trouble (yes guys believe it or not aku paling nakal) you always payed attention & gave me 100% of life. you never force me to study or even work, the only person that stresses me out is myself 😂 when i have troubles i always come to you and when i have happiness its because of you. she said “you’ll never know till you have one” and i believe that. i am grateful for you and i am blessed to have you as a mother, youre very cool & an icon!!! behind every happiness & success, there’s always a mother ☁️

just like how i want it: rose gold & classic ☁️