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Shirin Al Athrus  16 & #GirlBoss askshireeenz@gmail.com


What an honor to visit @LaLiga here in J-town, the very famous & amazing football association from Spain 🇪🇸 it was sooo funn (you can check on my ig stories) saw a lot of cool things & i also had a football session ⚽️ they are also opening up a football academy here on january, check it ouuutt! @laligaedf #HolaSoutheastAsia #HolaIndonesia 💙

Me casually touching my face 🙂
Do you know that touching your face with a dirty hand can cause bacterias to spread? Who joins the school extracurricular or go on an outdoor trip eventhough its hot? Weeyo i wanna tell you guys, if your face often hits the sunlight directly, Wash your face!! harus rajin cuci muka supaya enggak timbul noda hitam di muka kalian (tap fotoku for fun!😛) #JanganMauTernoda #FacialFoamMasaDepan

sky in a room

lil queen from jakarta for a day

I’d like to skip this semester,next semester, the semester after that and honestly just live life. 🙂 #sleep #break #holiday #vacation #need #mau

Sweat glazed baby & a huge amount of photobombs 💣👶🏻

yesterday’s outfit 💃🏻

Out for a late lunch/early dinner with @darieenz and guess what we’re having? YUP SUSHI 🍣 #weekendvibes

I am so proud to announce that i am also taking part on #PesawatR80 😊 .

I want you guys to also take part on this! ayo kita bikin nyata mimpi yang sudah dibawa Eyang Habibie sejak dia muda: bikin pesawat pertama buatan Indonesia 🇲🇨 udah ada 13.000 orang yang patungan ngumpulin 5 Milyar buat bikin #pesawatr80. Kalau lo mau jaket bomber kayak yang gue pake di foto ini atau foto lo ada di Pesawat R80 buatan Eyang Habibie, lo bisa kasih dukungan dengan cara:
1. Buka kitabisa.com/shirinuntukr80
2. Klik tombol "Dukung Sekarang"
3. Masukkan nilai dukungan & pilih reward sesuai yang lo pengen

Kita tidak sama, Kita kerjasama #TerbangkanPesawatIndonesia 💙✈️

saw a queen last august 😍💙 #wtf17

lets put an end to this incredibly looongg week ✔️ #throwback #bali

12 pm on a sunday 💙