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Brittany又  You keep it on the inside cause that's the safest place to hide shirah0shi 👻 m1nyards 🐤


I already own mk8 on my wiiu but I love it so much I had to get it on the switch too 🙊 #nintendoswitch #pcsetup #gamingsetup

I bought xmas lights in July because I am a slut for bokeh🤤 also these books are so gorgeous they deserved their own moment #sixofcrows

Saturday plans👌 a new book and some splatoon 😍 #darkershadeofmagic #veschwab #nintendoswitch

@jeffreestar made an entire orange collection so I obviously had to buy something🧡⭐️ but then I bought some other stuff cause I have zero self control 🤷‍♀️ #jeffreestarcosmetics

Shoutout to @ryu_kame for always getting me the absolute best gifts 😍 just look at these lil cuties #yurionice #nendoroid #figurecollection #shelfie

Did I buy this just so I can put tfc quotes next to my books? 100% (and yes that was an intentional reference) #thefoxholecourt #allforthegame

Was really hoping for some bl3 news this e3 😓 but thinking about it all weekend really got me wanting to replay bl2 🤷‍♀️ #borderlands #ps4

Happy 10 year anniversary to my best friend 💕

saw my fav boys for the 7th time tonight @dancegavindance was amazing as always 🧡🍓🤖 #luckynumber7 #dgd #dancegavindance

@vihxen got me cute little fox 😍 would it be extremely cruel of me to name it Nathaniel 😂🤔 #thefoxholecourt

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