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Allen Thomas  A deaf gamer, a die-hard Jacksonville Jaguars fan, a NBA fan, a movie watcher and a huge manga/anime fan. Single.

Look like I'm completely hooked to the My Hero Academia anime right now (on 54th episode). It is a really good anime in my opinion! It is based on a teenage boy named Izuku Midoriya who is without a quirk (a superpower ability) in a superhero world filled with a lot of people who has a quirk but his true dream is to become a greatest hero ever someday even without a quirk. So... If you want to watch a good new anime then check this out when you can. #myheroacademia #ultraplus #anime

Got them from the GameStop today!!! Also, can't wait to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for sure!!! #nintendoswitch #thelegendofzeldabreathofthewild

Into the Badlands is one of my current favorite TV shows. Why? Well... First of all, it has a good story which is in a post-apocalyptic world with a lot of dictatorship. No guns (banned) and must rely on the melee weaponry (swords and etc). Has the elite swordsmen/swordswomen with unreal martial arts skills and the people with the supernatural powers. Also, the show's choreography is pretty insane! Oh yeah, it is pretty violent and bloody too! If you is intrigued by this then you can check it out on AMC, AMC's app or Netflix if you want to. Btw, it is on the 3rd season now. #intothebadlands #swordsmen #swordswomen #badasses #underratedshow

Oh my god... Today is the worstest day of my life ever... My Grandma who is 65 years old just passed away due to a cardiac arrest this afternoon. I'm still so shocked by it because it came out of the blue even she did showed a few signs that she is not fine at all. She is one of most important people in my life who was always there from the day I was born on April 1, 1989. She can be cranky but is one of most kindest people you will meet. She was a hard worker who loved me, my little sister, my mom, her sisters, and other family members with all of her heart... On the last picture of the post, she was with her love of her life, Ralph Alexander, my step-grandfather who passed away a few years ago. Jackie Alexander, my grandmother is with his husband again in the afterlife. Rest in peace, grandma... Me, Jasmine, mom, my aunts and other family members loved you with all of our hearts... You will missed by us!!! I love you, grandma!

Did got it via Xbox Live last night and it is a blast so far!!! #dragonballfighterz #xboxone

Hell yeah!!! Can't wait to get it in September or later in the fall! #shadowofthetombraider #tombraider #xboxone

The Deadeye Part 2 in Final Fantasy 15... By the way, the Deadeye is a huge Behemoth if you was wondering, hahaha... #finalfantasy15. #finalfantasyxv. #ffxv #xboxone

The Deadeye: Part 1 in Final Fantasy 15... #finalfantasy15. #finalfantasyxv #ffxv. #xboxone

Damn!!! What a trailer it was! Absolutely can't wait to have KH3 game on my Xbox One this year!!! #kingdomhearts3. #kh3 #monsterinc #xboxone

He forced the steal then made a thunderous dunk! What a sequence for Russ! #nba2k18. #okcthunder. #russellwestbrook #brodie #nbamvp

Hey. Watching the Super Bowl game now. Hope y'all will enjoy the game. Go Philadelphia Eagles!

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