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Shine  Life is complicated. Self-care shouldn’t be. ✨ Sign up for Shine Text—a free, daily motivational text to make your morning better👇 #selfcare

Believe that👆🏾
📸: @juliamurphree

When we do something for ourselves, it can push us toward *more* actions that fill us up. Today, find 1 feel-good action that ripples through the rest of your day (ex. taking a quick morning walk, *actually* savoring coffee ☕️). That's your keystone habit—try to make it happen. You have the power to create more good days 💪🏽 #ShineOn

“Having a bigger body doesn’t make me any less worthy of love, respect, attention, jobs, happiness, ANYTHING. When we realise that our worth is not determined by our physical appearance anything is possible. My body my rules.” - @sonnyturner___ 🙌🏽
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Make recharging *part* of the process, not a detour 🚧 #ShineOn

You asked and we listened: now introducing our *most* requested feature, favoriting! 🎉 Collect the Shine texts that really speak to *you* to start building your own self-care toolkit.
Comment a ❤️ before 12:00 AM EST on 9/21 for your chance to be one of *20 lucky winners* of one free month of Shine Premium. Winners will be notified 9/24.

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A little louder each day 🔊
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When we procrastinate, we feel guilty—making it even harder the start 😩The fix: Making get-it-done our default. Today, try to live by OHIO: Only Handle it Once. When you come across a task that can take less than 5 mins, commit to it. Go ahead and get it done 🏃🏾‍♀️#ShineOn

For your Tuesday morning consideration👆🏾
📸: @kb.illustration

When we know what we need—from relationships, to work, to our morning playlist—experts say it can boost our wellbeing + make us more intentional💆🏽‍♀️Today, learn what you need by asking yourself: What do I want *more* of this week? Pinpoint something that'll help fill up your cup☕️

Reminder👆🏽📸: @ginapaola

*Tyra voice* “Optimism...but make it realistic.” Studies show 'realistic optimists' get the best of both worlds—that 'things will work out' hope, but also faith in their ability to work through any obstacles that pop up🙏🏽Today, try 'realistic optimism'—hope for the best, but *trust* you can handle the not-so-great 💪🏽 #ShineOn

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