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‘Andddd they’re on their phone again while I’m talking.’ 😑 Yup, ‘phubbing’ = getting snubbed by a phone. Studies show that when we put our phones away 📵 , our convos (shockingly!) = higher-quality and more engaging. It helps everyone feel heard. The next time you feel 'phubbed,' speak your needs. Try one of these lines:
-'When you're on your phone, it makes me feel...'
-'So there's this thing called phubbing...'
Or, just sing 'em a TLC remix: 'No, I don't want no phub.' 😉

‘Just give me like 24 hours to change my mind 7 times...’ 🙇🏽‍♀️ 📸: @paperandwillow

When we're stuck in traffic or in the slowest. line. ever. it's tempting to mentally *fight* the situation. But getting worked up? It just depletes our energy. 🔌 Today, challenge yourself to *surrender* to the wait.
Ex. In line for a solid 10? Recognize it's out of your control—and tell yourself, 'I accept this + I'm deciding to be patient.' Own the unexpected pauses. ✨

Fact: An act of kindness releases feel-good chemicals (sometimes called a 'helper's high'), which help us turn down stress and turn up our motivation (plus, ya know, help someone). Leave a positive shout-out for a BFF below 👇 and watch the good vibes—and productivity—spread 🙌

This week, make *shifts* happen 🌱 📸: @sunny.tuesday

Big day. Why? You decide your filter for the week. 📸 Today, go for opportunity (what's possible?) over scarcity (what's not?). Ask yourself "What's possible this week?" 🤔
Ex. You put in the hours + nail that presentation, you get time with that BFF, you learn through the little mishaps. Be open to possibilities 🤗

Father’s Day is a great show of support for dear old dads—but for those who have difficult relationships with their father, are grieving a dad who’s passed away, and more, Father’s Day can feel tough and even triggering.

Thankfully, there are strategies to help you cope (that don’t require you to hide out for the day). Check out our story for tips on how to get through the holiday. You’re not alone—and we’re sending you extra love. ❤️ 📸: @tylerfeder

@QueerEye’s @karamobrown wouldn’t be part of the Fab 5 if his son hadn’t asked him, “Are you living your dreams?” Click the link in bio to listen to his Shine Story to learn how this one question changed everything for him.

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 📸: @amberibarreche

Studies show that our subconscious interprets what it hears literally. Ex. 'I'm a failure' = making yourself believe you're a failure.
But you can use words to build you up. 😌 Today, if 'I can't' thinking creeps in, try 'reframing forward' so your words empower you to make progress.
Ex. I can't, I don't, I won't > I can, I am, I will ✨

💯 📸: @stacieswift

‘Ok, time to focus’ *Checks Instagram for the 7th time.* Yup, we all do it (in fact, we check our phones 150x each day 😱), and distractions make it tough to do our best work. Today, try to go into human airplane mode for 10 min. 🛩
Imagine turning off the 'notifications' from those other pressing tasks (or, if you can, literally turn 'em off), and focus in on just 1 thing. 🌊 Find your focus and your flow. ✨

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