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Shine  Life is complicated. Self-care shouldn’t be. ✨ Sign up for Shine Text—a free, daily motivational text to make your morning better👇 #selfcare

...and that’s okay! 💛 Don’t forget to give yourself time and space to move at whatever pace this weekend calls for. 📸: @emilycoxhead #getyourshineon

⚡️ Distractions get the best of *all* of us, but by creating a focus ritual, we can curb those interruptions and protect our flow. Maybe it’s a playlist that helps you zone in, or a certain environment (like that one, perfect chair 👋🏾). Tap into whatever gets you productive, and build a routine around it to strengthen your focus and attention muscles 💪🏾 #getyourshineon

We hear “check on your friends, even the strong ones” a lot—but what does that look like? 👯‍♀️ It can be as simple as a text that validates and affirms, or it can be a plan you set in place to spend time with them regularly. The point? To show them that you understand. P.S. Don’t forget to check in with yourself too ✨ #getyourshineon

💛 Your annual #WorldKindnessDay reminder to be nice to others *and* yourself. 📸: @kb.illustration #getyourshineon

🙌🏾 Whether it’s through your self-talk or your actions, don’t forget to practice some kindness towards *yourself* this #worldkindnessday too.
P.S. We made a playlist of our favorite Shine Talks to help you #getyourshineon on World Kindness Day! Link in bio. 📣

Your #MondayMotivation coming today in the form of a 1️⃣-2️⃣-3️⃣ strategy. The beauty of it? It helps you make time for *your* desires. 🙌🏾 #getyourshineon

🙌🏾 Big mood—this week and every week. 📸: @alyserurianidesign #getyourshineon

This weekend, take deep breaths and remember you don’t have to do it all. 📸: @thehandcraftedstory #getyourshineon

What brought *you* joy this week? 💫 Whether it was a hard week to get through or it flew by too fast, try taking a second to reflect on experiences that brought you pleasure. It can help you find new ways to spread (and receive) some kindness this weekend and beyond. #getyourshineon

We might not all have the same motivations as @diddy, but taking time to create a ‘yes test’ can help you conquer that to-do list. Asking yourself questions like “Does it help me grow?” Or “Does it challenge me in a good way?” can help you manage your time on *your* terms. 🙌🏾#getyourshineon

We make so many choices a day, it can get exhausting—but planning for future you can cut back on some of that decision fatigue. Maybe that means finding a p.m. routine to help with your morning flow, or maybe it’s making one small decision ahead of time. Whatever it may be, you will definitely be⚡️#getyourshineon

If you haven’t voted yet—or are still shaking off #ElectionDay 🗳nerves—take a sec to get grounded by listening to our *free* Shine Talk “Walking to Vote” with @rachel.cargle 🎧 Don’t forget to give yourself some major props, too: You’re taking a big leap and pushing through complacency when you exercise your right to vote. Shoutout to you. 👏🏾 Link in bio. #getyourshineon

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