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❤️THEM SHINEE BOYS❤️  lovelovekidols >SHINee >Taemin >Minho >Key >Jonghyun >Onew >Their Perfection >4 Hardcore Shawols

Found a better translation! Creds to @jongkeyworld for sharing^^ #key #translation #staystrongkey #wearehereforyou

Key's Instagram Update: "There are a lot of teams look at me and feel sorry for everybody. I have to say I don't know how it will be ... Japan was on schedule, ahead of 24, attended the private affairs started to prevent 23 my grandmother passed away. Thank you for giving me this and I were raised in love and yet not ugly, mind you realize that my grandmother and three of a kind. But the tour's first performances and puts the big gig in advance that the company counts on town bulletin telling thing seems not thought through now to talk to Grandma in the sky. I would have been hard to look, think and look for the rest of the tour, we'll cheer for you, a lot of hard work, and they'll meet with a smile! Thank you" - (Microsoft Translation) -Not a professional Korean translator, so I had to rep#ly on this. If you have a better translation, you're more than welcome to share it in the comments.
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