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Half way to one 🎀

A child brings out the kid in you, which you thought you had outgrown ♥️

So after a long time of planning we finally met up with some of my family for lunch in London. We are totally the opposite..She and her husband are pure vegetarians and they don’t drink. We on the other hand, eat & drink everything! Who said every family is the same? Because we aren’t..
Being the same is boring, be different 🍁

When you are a little girl no one tells you that real life dolls exist. You realise this when you have a daughter. You can dress her up, feed her, brush her hair, give her endless amounts of kisses and cuddles and the best thing about it.. she brings you the best kind of warm fuzzy feeling when you hold her 💗 #mylove

This cup of positivitea is on me ☕️
Even though this was a make believe cuppa!

Layla is five months old today... and it’s safe to say I’m pretty good at this motherhood thing, I took her to afternoon tea where she watched me eat sandwiches and cakes, I parked my car for 3hours in a 1hour maximum stay spot because it was right next to the hotel, I put a headband on her even though she hates them; as I thought she looked like a boy this morning, I brought her home and popped her on her baby gym whilst I completed house chores and now she’s happily napping on me 💞 #imperfect

Layla’s first trip to Croydon 👗#dressedfortheoccasion

F•A•M•I•L•Y 👨‍👩‍👧

Tea with cake please ☂

Cheesin in Santorini, Y’all feta watch out 😬 #frobackfriday

The snuggle is real ♥️

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever 👨‍👩‍👧 #homesweethome

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