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Missing this Green Ocean and all its beautiful people. For once I didn’t feel like the only one who loved music that transcended language. #EyesOnYouinLA #Aghase

I’m in the wrong anime. UNNAACCEEEPPTTAABBLLEEE #Koto_AX

When in Little Tokyo.... Find Menherachan! #menherachan #littletokyo

So, I’m trying to win this contest, and God knows we really want to see GOT7, so HOPEFULLY my cousin & I get picked for the #EYESONYOUinLA show. We’re two introverted people, so going out to see a concert is a lot for the both of us, but we’ll do (almost) anything for GOT7 tickets. 💚

My mom likes the pictures with filters, but only on one condition, “use the cute ones!!!”

**Late Post** Even when I’m grumpy IDK how you guys deal with me. 🤷🏻‍♀️💖 Love you guys, let’s have more days like this pleease. 🙏🏻

Give me more happy memories to chase the bad ones away for awhile. Idk is that too selfish to ask for?

Welcoming new things, and leaving the past isn't easy, but that doesn't mean its impossible. Making things work, being flexible, is part of life. Thank you to everyone who's been part of my life so far, I'm so blessed and grateful to have you by my side from 2017 to 2018 and beyond! I look forward to new challenges, and more growth as a person this year, lets make it happen! .
. .
#youretearingmeapartlisa #happynewyear2018

Strongly recommend for cute dates 💖
Or amazing days out with your cousins 😜😜 We gotta do this again soon!! Also, don't play persona 5 w/o me :(((
Update: They played Persona 5 w/o me ;-;
@joshmurse @camilleeeegl @jennanensey

Took my friend with me to go watch @csusb 's The Tempest, and let me say, WOW. 😱 Sad its the last weekend, but happy I at least got to see it. ☺️I love my school. S/o to my TA 260 teacher for encouraging us students to go watch it! .
#CSUSB #TheTempest #ICantWaitForFrankenstein

I'm really, REALLY excited for Friday. (@-@) Hopefully someone can film us.

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