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shimiadar  For bookings call 412.329.8622 🎉 Be the reason someone smiles today 😊!

You might be the next person to be surprised with a #Shimi2Jewmba sweatshirt. Hey, you never know!
Shimi2Jewmba sweatshirts... it’s so cool, boys are rockin’ it out!

Today at chillers, we all went around saying something nice about FINKELS since it’s her birthday. And EVERYONE had the same thing to say; “She would do anything for anyone, no matter who they are!” She is the epitome of a GIVER, and we all have so much to learn from her. So blessed to call you a friend and to be able to witness the true meaning of giving. For it’s not about how much you give, but how you give it.
To many more years of transforming the world just by you being in it.
Happy birthday!!! ❤️, Shimi

One line to represent tonight’s high!
#mishenichnasADARmarbimbesimcha 😁😁

When you get to sit on a couch after hours and hours of non-stop action!
Meet @srivkiphotography!! We met on the dance floor many year ago - I was the entertainer and she was the photographer; and she kept up with my crazy! I knew a #tallcheeka kinda friendship was about to blossom :) One of the very rewarding aspects of my job has been meeting the most incredible people! But the best part of my journey? Is becoming friends with them. ❤️

That one time I tried a healthy snack... @healthcoachsarah 🙈
@hardcor_snackie how do you do this for a living??? #NO
Everyone apparently loves them, besides for me. It’s just not my taste. You gotta like ocean kinda stuff.... if only it tasted like #pizza 🙏🏼

Happy Chodesh ADARRRRR!!!! 🐠🐠🐠
It’s my month ;) so I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t post about one of the concepts that is so dear to my heart! #HAPPINESS!! It’s the month of celebration and joy!
It says we gotta increase our happiness. One secret to achieve that?
Surround yourself with good people!
Positive people.
People who live life.
People who love life.
People who dance in the rain when everyone else is watching from the comforts of the indoors.
People who believe in you.
People who encourage you.
People who love you.
People who love you even with all of your flaws and shortcomings.
People who inspire you.
So choose wisely folks, we’ve got one shot at this happiness game. #onelife #youchoose
😁Be the reason someone smiles today!😁

May this caption only be the BEGINNING of happiness and miracles for us all! May this month be filled with loads of smiles - genuine smiles - and let us be able to spread those smiles onto so many other faces! The world could use our sunshine!
WE GOT THIS!!! #CHODESHADAR #mazaltov @aydit

🐠 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠
משנכנס ״אדר״ מרבין בשמחה!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁
Thank you @double_play_purim_store for allowing us to wreck your store!! But, honestly - I think you enjoyed us a little 😉 #ADARS

With everyone posting about this red day called “Valentines”... I searched up its definition. “A celebration of love” so says google. So I figured - since we try to celebrate love EVERYDAY... let’s take it up a notch today. TAG SOMEONE WHO PUTS A SMILE ON YOUR FACE!!!! Be the reason that THEY smile today!
Can’t wait to see all the special people who are tagged - I thank you in advance for spreading so much sunshine onto this beautiful world of ours ❤️☀️ #bethereasonsomeonesmilestoday😊

Anyone who says that ONLY sunshine can bring you happiness... has never tried dancing in the rain. Life isn't about waiting for the storm and hard moments to make its way out the door. You CAN dance in the storm. Don't wait for the rain to be over cause it could take wayyyy too long sometimes, and frankly - #aintnobodygottimeforthat!
@byrd_by_tzippy didnt wait even a second. She got outa her car - and became my dancing buddy for the day!! YALA, what are you waiting for??? Go dance RIGHT NOW! You needn’t wait another moment. Wherever you are... #JUSTDANCE!!!! YOU GOT THIS 👊🏼!!

CAPTION NETANEL’S FACIAL EXPRESSION 🤓 (That’s the stud all the way on the right - the one that’s petrified of creepy crawlers. Best caption wins a FREE #Shimi2Jewmba sweatshirt!!! Shabbat is less than an hour away!! NY CANDLE LIGHTING: 5:05 PM
Shabbat Shalom Amazing People!
PS: Yaeli couldn’t make it to this pic cause she’s still getting ready for shabbos.... girls will be girls. 🙄

Happy Birthday Elisheva Fink!!!! May you continue to dance in your fluffy tutus and be the happy-go-lucky girl that you are! You make Mama and Papa Finkels real proud 😁! @finkels1

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