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Shilbee Kim  Group Flow Experimenter & Designer

"Strength is staying true to your beliefs and unwavering, regardless of the circumstance" says @celinafly who is kicking butt in this video taken at @torontosharks #badassasians #badasswoman #toronto #mueythai #strength

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I recently turned 30 and celebrated the best birthday of my life competing at a noodle-off, sound journeying, eating fam’s BBQ meat, playing soccer, eating chocolate, card reading... and basically being a kid again.

I’ve never felt so much gratitude in my life. Gratitude to be alive. Gratitude to family and friends. Gratitude that I can love and receive love.

The past 10+ years I’ve committed to improving neighbourhoods and cities, studying international development and working in politics then working with various non-profits managing two social enterprises. I’ve been frustrated and down right angry at times when I felt change wasn’t happening fast enough. Other times, I’ve felt extremely hopeful seeing how many people are fighting, protesting, and building a better city and country.

As I embark on what feels like the next ‘phase’ in life figuring out how to amplify impact, this birthday is a reminder that... There is pleasure everywhere if I choose to feel it. Use pleasure as fuel.

I cannot fully love others without loving myself first - all my warts, farts and awesomeness. Love is healing.

Rage at injustice when channeled into effective action with results brings me joy like no other. Rage is my friend.

Nothing I do - ideas, projects, where I’m at in life is done alone. I am a reflection of people around me: Adil Dhalla, family, friends, collaborators, strangers, ancestors, nature. Connectedness is the antidote to loneliness.

It was just us and the Atlantic ocean #nofilter #thatlaugh #mymomisthebest

One step at a time..

Me & mom on an unforgettable trip to Nova Scotia. 2000 km driven, 20 km hiked and 2 lobsters feasted on. You've been good to us NS

Getting ready & flossing for @campreset. Join us in Haliburton Aug 30-Sep 2: #thisisreset #reset2018

Crimson. Photo taken by @faramarzh

I recently came back from the Allied Media Conference in Detroit with @andsoitseems & @himalayawake and was mindblown by their efforts to create an inclusive and accessible space. AMC (@alliedmediaconf) is a gathering of media makers, artists, educators, and technologists working for social justice. It was one of the more equitable spaces I’ve been in - a reflection of what’s possible with 20+ years of intention and cultivation. Some beautiful takeaways for me: // Adrienne Maree Brown's talk on “pleasure activism” inspired by Audre Lorde, emphasizing the importance of pleasure to recharge and tune into our “yes!” // Concept of healing justice: a thoughtful track where healers offered their gifts - everything from reiki, massages, herbal medicines - to physical spaces for releasing and processing. There was a grief room with community support if needed. // Turana Burke, founder of the #metoo movement stating, "I want to shift the conversation from survivor [identity] to surviving [process]" // Calling on our ancestors and remembering the small and big ways they challenged the status quo in their time for us to be here today // Rooting conversations in the complex history of Detroit: social justice movements, effects of colonialism and capitalism, rise and fall of the auto-sector, racist policies, gentrification, music and art, water crises, resilient community building initiatives, co-operative movements & etc. // Use of magic (connection to nature, rituals, traditions) in visioning, mobilizing, and shaping movements // Fav T-shirts worn by attendees: “I’m too cute to be binary” & “I am my ancestors’ wildest dream”

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Me and boo. Accidentally colour matching the sunset. Hey 30s see you on the other side

All that hair...

If you've ever worked with @nsairafi and @himalayawake (aka NEMA), you know they make the impossible possible. They lead without ego and make space for others to create with them. They asked me to join them on their final stretch (taking on Mathura's baton!) of putting together the Feel Good Summit with @dhrupurohit and the Dr. Hyman team. The summit transformed many people's lives - shifting the way we think about our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Self care being the crux of learning how to better serve others.
This event showed me once again how NEMA sprinkles their magic in whatever space they exist in. Rituals, play and culture of care in a conference of 600 leaders in the health and healing space in L.A.
Next up: Reset. There's a lot of weird and fun in store so make sure you check out the website here:

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