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Shifu Yan Lei  34th generation disciple from the Shaolin Temple. Author of books on Qigong and Kung Fu and DVDs. #shaolinkungfu #qigong


The 5 Fundamental Stances Are The Key To Mastering Every Shaolin Kung Fu And Qigong Form. They're the only exercise I've come across where every muscle is engaged and you're simultaneously building flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and power. These ancient forms come from nature, they awaken the body, helping us to let go of our small self and experience a connection with the very fabric of the Universe. They then teach us how to move in our modern life, whether that's carrying our groceries home or climbing the stairs to the subway. Everything becomes part of our training: total mind-body wellness. I teach The Five Fundamental Stances in Shaolin Workout 1 and my Kung Fu and Qigong book. http://ow.ly/TNRP30cNLhF filming by @sebastianthiel #shaolinmonastery #kungfu #martialarts #chineseyoga #chinesemartialarts #zenworkout

When I was a child ( this photo is of the room where I grew up), my parents struggled to feed us. We didn’t have a choice in what we ate and every night I went to bed hungry. When I studied at the Shaolin Temple, our main food was steamed bread or noodles with vegetables. When I came to the UK, I was introduced to pizza and processed food. I got very sick and blood started to appear in my urine. I didn’t like this food but I was helping my brother build Shaolin Temple UK and there was no kitchen so this was my only option. I was naive and I really had no idea that eating junk food would ruin my health. Read my full article "Healthy Eating Advice From The Shaolin Temple Of Zen by pasting this link. http://ow.ly/d/6t5K photo by @sashagusov #healthyeating #shaolinmonastery #zendiet #buddhabowls

Step Out Of The Qi Of Anxiety And Into The Qi Of Peace With Longevity Qigong
http://ow.ly/9lNm30cHHtD #wellness #wellnessworkout #qigong #kigong #shaolinmonastery

A Shaolin Traditional Movement Which Is A Great Way To Warm Up The Body. It opens the hips and increases flexibility in the legs. I teach this in my Shaolin kung fu book and DVD. Use code KUNGFU for a 10% discount. Offer expires in 48 hours. http://ow.ly/S2bA30cHCQB Paste and copy or click my bio link. Filming by @sebastianthiel

It's never too late to start training. You can train anywhere. Last week I trained at the Shaolin Temple in China. Today I trained in my living room in London. Don't believe in your excuse not to train. It's just an excuse. Photo by @sashagusov #wellness #wellnessworkout #zenmind #nolimits #shaolintemple #shaolinmonastery #kungfu #martialarts #lovetraining

The Essential Shaolin Stretching Program For Ultimate Flexibility. Available Exclusively From My Website. http://ow.ly/pRVV30cs0ZW #stretching #splits #flexible #flexibility

The link between body and mind is the breath. When you practice Qigong, your chattering, anxious mind is effortlessly silenced as your mind and body are harmonised. As your Qigong practice deepens so does your concentration, so that eventually your Qigong Workout become a Zen meditation in its own right. Copy and paste the link below to begin your Qigong journey.
https://www.shifuyanlei.co.uk/collections/qigong-for-beginners/products/eight-treasures-qigong-bundle #chineseyoga #kigong #wellness #bonemarrowcleansing #qigongbook #qigongonline #bamboobrush #qigongmassage

How To Make Your Body Become Its Own Doctor. EE Jin Jing makes your muscles and tendons strong, flexible, fast and powerful while building up the health of your internal organs. Xi means wash and Sui means bone marrow. Xi Sui means clean your bone marrow. The aim of Xi Sui Gong is to detoxify your body and cleanse the unhealthy aspects of your mind. The highest aim is to help you reach enlightenment and give you the mind and body of a Buddha. But even if you can’t gain enlightenment in this lifetime (or you don’t want to), the least this Qigong can do is give you a long, healthy, and peaceful life. Paste and copy link for more details or click on the link on my bio http://ow.ly/QedM30cohYq #qigong #shaolinmonastery #fitness #martialarts #wellness #bonemarrowcleansing #kigong #chineseyoga

See yourself as Buddha sees you, not the way the world sees you or you see yourself. #shaolinmonastery #fitness #martialarts #zen #mindful #mindfulness #buddha

I'm back from China. Great working with @Sebastian Thiel and @Sasha Gusov #zentraining #martialarts #china #fitness #shaolinmonastery

Taking a break from social media for a Shaolin retreat. Back on 5th June. My team in London are still available for orders and inquiries.

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