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Shifu Yan Lei  34th generation disciple from the Shaolin Temple. Author of books on Qigong and Kung Fu and DVDs. #shaolinkungfu #qigong


Qigong plants you in the present moment. It does not give you anything new; it simply connects you with your body’s internal power and automatic wisdom that already exists within you. More info on the link in my profile.
#qigong #chi #internalenergy

The Ultimate Test Of Your Mind And Body. 40 Day Shaolin Challenge. Starts Sunday 25th February. http://ow.ly/hQVz30isvXI

It is The Mind That Moves. Not The Body.

Happy New Year! The Year Of The Dog.

Without moving a muscle, imagine that you’re half-way through your 40 Day Challenge with me. The Five Fundamental Kicks that felt tight yesterday feel flexible, your stances feel grounded, and there’s a flow to your forms. We are what we repeatedly do and this everyday experience of Shaolin enables you to finally tune your body so it’s working at it’s optimum. Just like the strings on a guitar, your body is learning to be neither too tight nor too slack. It takes practice to be this natural. 40 Days of training give you the tools of a lifetime.
Now bring yourself back to your computer screen or your smart phone or whatever you’re reading this article on. Just as I had never tasted coffee until I came to the West – and was surprised by its bitter taste – Shaolin cannot be expressed in words. The Shaolin Temple of Zen is about direct experience. You have to experience it for yourself otherwise it's my experience and not yours. If you put a lot of effort into your Shaolin Martial Arts and don't become very skillful at it, you have still excelled yourself. Because whether you're good or bad at your training, the result is the same: it's one of the most positive things you can do for your mind and body. Link on my profile. http://ow.ly/lPru30imNoJ #monktraining #zen #shaolin #kungfu

No Mud No Lotus. Available exclusively from my website. Click on the link in my profile. http://ow.ly/aOAN30ipHTS

My training this week. 10k run. Kung Fu Novice Monk Shaolin Workout. Iron Body. What's yours? #wednesdayworkout

Why look for a Buddha beyond the mind. #zen #shaolinmonk #martialarts #qi #kungfu

When I was a student at the Shaolin Temple, my master used to joke that it was only advertising companies and Buddhists who studied the mind. The advertising companies study our minds to find out what slogans and images will increase our desire to buy the products they are selling, while Buddhists study the mind to help them become closer to the Buddha. Both know the power of images. Images work unconsciously on our mind and we are bombared with thousands of them every day. The Shaolin Temple have images of Buddha and the Buddha of compassion, Guan Yin. I have similar statues in my home. I, like most Shaolin disciples and monks wear a small Jade Buddha amulet. We choose these powerful images as a reminder to have a positive mental outlook and keep training. They remind us to stay in touch with the peace that lies inside all of us. Different things inspire different people, think about what inspires you. Can you see your inspiration every day? Small changes in your environment help you activate your health and fitness goals and make them real. #qigong #zen #shaolin #monktraining

The aim of the physical training we do at the Shaolin Temple is to lead us to Zen. In our hectic lives, our minds become busy. Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong cuts the circle of thought. It turns off unnecessary thinking and restores our mind to its un-fragmented origin.Before you begin your Shaolin Workout, take a couple of breaths and tell yourself to let go. Let go of your name, and who you think you are, and what's occupying your mind. This is called leaving being and entering nonbeing. It's a place of non judgemental stillness. Your body is wise. When it was a baby, it knew how much milk it needed and how much sleep it needed. When you train, don't do anything. Let the training train you. http://ow.ly/TIqJ30icCmk

The Buddha said that it’s our mind which makes our world. The mind is the source of all our experience. It’s not our eyes that see but our mind. It’s not our tongue that tastes but our mind. Our mind is truly powerful. Neurological scientists have found that our mind is pliable. Repeated experience can change the way our brain works. The point of meditation is to change the mental habits that cause us unhappiness. Through retraining our mind, our brain can develop new neuronal connections so that we move beyond anxiety and pain to happiness and peace. Meditation is a very simple exercise in resting the natural state of our mind. We focus on our breath ( sometimes it's a mantra or a koan but breath is the easiest) and when a thought or feeling comes up, we neither reject or accept it, we simply let the experience pass. This place of stillness and peace is what the Buddha called our true home. It's our inner gold. Click on the link in my profile for my full article http://ow.ly/LrE130icDMx

Join Me Today For A Live Kung Fu Class on Facebook Live At 6.30 PM UK Time. Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a bottle of water and prepare to sweat! https://www.facebook.com/YanLei

At The Shaolin Temple, training, eating, walking or sitting. Everything We Do Is Zen.#zen #mindfulness #shaolinmonastery #chinesemartialarts

Train Like A Shaolin Monk For 40 Days. Increase Your Power, Flexibility, and Stamina. 35 On-line Training Sessions. Suitable For All Levels. Register Today For a £50.00 Discount.

A worried mind is like a person running a hundred miles but it not amounting to one step. A Shaolin Warrior covers a thousand miles with one step. #kungfu #pressup #shaolinmonk #ufc #martialarts photo by @sashagusov

Facebook Live - 40 Day Challenge Taster Class. A combination of Kung Fu and Qigong. This Wednesday. February 7th 6.30 pm UK time. Click on the link to find out what time it is in your country. Look forward to seeing you then! http://ow.ly/uCQc30i5fGH

From a Shaolin Monk’s perspective, a well and healthy body is flexible, has good stamina, a strength and leanness to the muscles, and a mind and body that works in harmony. We connect our mind, body and heart and then we are no longer distracted and looking for something to complete us. We are already complete.

Take The 40 Day Challenge Online With Me. Starts Next Month. Less than £5.00 Per Session. Register Today. More details on the link on my profile. http://ow.ly/wwGl30i0TNw

My training this week. Iron Shirt internal and external. 10k run. Bag Work. What's yours? #wednesdayworkout

Know Yourself! At The Shaolin Temple When We Want To Elevate Our Martial Arts, We Train Intensively For 40 Days. Take The 40 Day Challenge Online With Me. Starts Next Month. Less than £5.00 Per Session. Register Today. Click on the link on my profile . http://ow.ly/wwGl30i0TNw

Are You Doing It Right? Horse Stance. Click on the link in my profile to find out http://ow.ly/dfec30i3D3u #horsestance #mabu #martialarts #kungfumonk #kungfu

Never Give Up is something I tell myself every day before I begin my training. Never Give Up is Jian Chi in Chinese. Hand carved into amulet. Link on my profile. http://ow.ly/JxhO30hNGWd #jade #amulet #zenmind

At the Shaolin Temple, our masters told us that it took 40 days before any lasting change would happen in our mind and body. Buddha sat for 40 days under the Bodhi tree before he gained enlightenment. Jesus and Mohammed fasted for 40 days before they went back into the world to share their teachings.
Whether you’re just starting out, or have been working with my teachings for many years and want to reinvigorate your practice and transform your mind and body into a Shaolin Warrior then the 40-day challenge is for you. It’s 40 days of putting a stronger emphasis on your practice, of training more than you usually would – which may mean getting out of bed an hour earlier -, training 6 days a week, and doing some additional mind training throughout the day. After 40 days you will see a significant change in your mind and body. Link on my profile http://ow.ly/XTKY30hY0JZ #mindpower #fitnesschallenge #martialarts #shaolinmonk #shaolintemple #onlinekungfu

Vital Shaolin Massage Tools if you work at a computer all day. Link on my profile . http://ow.ly/DlAl30hNGGa #massage #qigongmassage #shiatsu #backpain #selfmassage

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