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ULTIMA CPX II Shooter Paul Tedford has some good things to say about the new indicators! Thanks for the post, Paul!
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What a beautifully designed sight. Some changes to this new sight may appear small, but to me they are big improvements to an already great piece of equipment. One of the biggest things for me is a very precise and easily adjusted indicator. @shibuya_archery nailed it! #simpleandclean #shibuya #ultima #thechoiceofmedalists

One of the major new features of the ULTIMA CPX II sights are the new flat-shelf indicator pins!
In addition to preventing inconsistency from canting the sight, the flat-shelf indicators are adjustable by over 6mm, enabling the user to adapt to any condition.

According to ULTIMA CPXII shooter The REAL Dave Cousins: "I have literally had to move my rest by half a millimeter to avoid moving the needle out of its adjustment range on my old sights. We designed this to have 1/4" of movement. It's great to have the extra adjustability."
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One of the biggest advantages of SHIBUYA products is their high serviceability! Not only are the adjustments easy and reliable, all parts are available separately and easy to replace.
Our larger distributors, such as JVD Archery, SSA Archery or Lancaster Archery Supply, have a large variety of parts in stock to tend to all your repair needs!
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Congratulations to ULTIMA CPXII shooters Elisa Roner, Natali Avdeeva, and Domagoj Buden for their medals at the World Archery Europe Indoor Championships!
Natali and Domagoj both took home the individual bronze medal in Compound Women and Men respectively, while Elisa was crowned the new European champion of the Compound Junior Women's division! Congratulations, and thank you for choosing SHIBUYA sights!
photos: World Archery Europe/ Saygin Akinci

ULTIMA CPXII shooter Domagoj Buden took home the Bronze medal at the European Indoor Archery Championships in Samsun, Turkey!
His semifinal opponent was only able to stop him after a shootoff, in which both of them shot a ten.
Congratulations on the medal win!
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Wohoo!! Bronze medal at the European championship to close this indoor season of!
It wasn't easy but we did it!
These new aae stabilisers are the bomb!!
This season has been good to me with a lot of great matches and consistently high scores!
Pumped for outdoor but first a week break.


A friendly PSA since we've had some inquiries:
The SHIBUYA TRANSPORTER 56.5L bow cases are equipped with TSA travel sentry approved dial locks!
This system "allows your luggage to be unlocked and inspected by security authorities during security screening, without damage."
While there is a keyhole next to the dial lock, this is only for TSA official use, and the keys are not (offifially) available to the user. So don't worry if there is no key included in your SHIBUYA bow case - they did not go missing along the way!
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He did it again! Sergio Pagni wins the Vegas Shoot 2019!! Congratulations!
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What a view! Amazing group of archers for the compound open Championship Division!
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Congratulations 2019 Vegas Shoot 2nd place winner, SO Chaewon!
#SHIBUYA #thechoiceofmedalists #thevegasshoot

With the booth torn down, we are ready to cheer on our shooters in the shootoff! Good luck to all participants!

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