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All in for #ronawaywithrachelle 🙌🏻💫

How can you seriously quit rice and be on diet when you have sisig over crab fat rice for dinner at home?! 🐷🦀 Hellooooo, highblood!!! 👋🏻😋

Last night’s dinner was definitely carb packed but it was worth it.

Finally got to try Samba after several times of wanting to eat there but for some reason always ends up getting pushed back. I definitely love nights like these that are spent solely on indulging on a good meal although it would’ve been better if we weren’t glued to our phones; ofcourse it’s 2018 and what better way to bond and socialize than act like the “millenials” we feel like we are.😂

The crazy weather is giving me all sort of feels... and as much as I am thinking about the beach and basking under the sun, I am completely distracted by thoughts of having these truffle buns in Hongkong. I cannot explain how good these are other than saying that my recent HK trip wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have these. Biting unto it and having it’s warm delicious broth in my mouth and devouring all it’s goodness... I swear it’s one of the best things I ate in HK and just by looking at these pictures makes me wanna fly there just to get a hold of these juicy yummy jian baos. 👋🏻😋

Dreaming of this bomb-ass roast pork over rice which we had at a restaurant in Hong Kong whose name I couldn’t even pronounce. 🤤😋

“Our family: a little bit of loud, a little bit of crazy and a whole lotta love.”

Complete for Mama’s 65th birthday trip at Hong Kong. Probably the most fun yet tiring trip I’ve had so far for this year; majority of the time was spent walking, eating and chasing around my adorable nephews.

Happy 65th birthday Mama! Please let us know how you were able to manage raising 5 handful kids, from cooking our daily meals to making sure we study well, from calling us every minute to ask what time we’re going home, who we’re with and where we are to crying with us whenever we get our hearts broken, from covering up for us so that papa won’t be mad to letting us still be ourselves and commit mistakes despite of us not reaching your expectations. We may bicker and not agree most of the time but you’ve honestly done so much for us and now you’re even helping raise 3 grandchildren as well!!! You definitely age so gracefully because when I turn 65, I can only hope to age just like you. 🧡 Always looking forward to our weekly grocery trips. Happiest 65th!!! ☺️

My favorite discovery in Baler was these crispy fried dried and butterflied local anchovies called Biniklad na Dilis. Had them for our first breakfast in Costa Pacifica and it hasn’t left my mind since!!!! When fried, they are super crispy and not too salty which I prefer and when paired with some tomatoes, egg and rice it becomes a very satisfying meal. I was told biniklad na dilis is only found in Baler and my only regret is not bringing a lot to eat at home. So if you’re going to Baler make sure to look for these in the local market and buy a lot! Anyone knows where to find it here in manila or better yet, anyone going to Baler soon and can buy some for me? 😁😋 #baeLER #baesINBALER #pinoyricebowl

More than 20 years apart and obviously nothing has and will ever change. Forever a daddy’s girl. 🧡 Happy Father’s Day Papa! You are the bomb-dot-com. 💣

“Live like the ocean, full of life and forever...” 🌊

How lucky are we to have been given clear skies during this trip and was blessed to be able to enjoy this private beach all to ourselves. 😊 💫#baesinbaler #baeLER

“Embrace the unknown and let life happen...”🤙🏻🧡

Looking forward and literally counting down the days wherein I can escape and just chill by the sea even for a bit. 🌊☀️

Constant ray of sunshine... (literally) ☀️☀️☀️

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