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🇩🇴&🇹🇷  |⚕️| RIP TAYLOR 💜

Poison IVY vibes. Haven’t done a photo shoot in sooo long 😩 #TBT

Good morning ☀️

Zaddy (noun) Za•ddy zadē : the man who is holding it down and building you up in all aspects of your life. 🏆

Ladies, bitching and complaining is something most of us have excelled at, some of us have a master’s degree in it. However, how many of us have taken 5 minutes to affirm that man you go so hard for? When was the last time you told him how proud you are of his accomplishments? What about “Thank you baby, I know you’re trying and it gets hard at times, but I’m here for you!” OR a simple “You’re an amazing man and you can do this, you got this baby!” Those simple words of encouragement can change the course of his day. He’s great and that’s why you fight for him however, he’s even greater with you affirming him. #SupportHim #TenToesDown #NotAToeLess

Short hair cut vibes ☺️

Yoooooo who do we think we are 😂 I need another outing @luvamorr @alexus_meshell @realityofbri 😂😂 #SwipeLeft

Señores 😂 , they deleted my last video so here’s another 🤷🏽‍♀️

the penis half way sticking out the boxer hole, now all of a sudden you want me to lay my head on your stomach while we watch a movie on Netflix 😩😩😩 you not low little ninja 😂😂😂

Good afternoon 🌞

Throwback from LAGOS 🇳🇬

She a little nerd on the low 😌

Hey Zaddy 👋

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