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Sara Button-  -call me shews! my art account! Started 9/1/16, illustration student with animation ambition.🌸 (Art trades, collabs , and requests for mutuals only.)


More sketches featuring Ethel and Iker and some flirty thumbnails ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ #sketch #oc

I'll be drawing these guys a lot more for this spooky season. Comic snips, single images , u name it #oc #sketch #spooky

I swear I'm drawing #oc #sketch

May as well do one for the main character. My last post and this guy are from a webcomic I tried to start in my first year of college but life happened and I didn't write it out and plan it. It's called Ghoullywood, a slice of life dark comedy superhero spoof about a dude who befriends the city's melodramatic demons (called Contours) who use demon possession to give him powers to fight zombie things. Yes, I'll be starting it again. Yes, his name is Gup! #oc #shewsie_oc

Some of my monsters who try to have a social life and work an 8-6 minimum wage job with their names and some info about them I've had for years 🦑 #oc #shewsie_oc

My half of an art trade with the sweet @roseshark This is their boy Zane who carries at LEAST four knives around. He was so fun to draw I love edgy boys. Hope you like it!! ( ´ ▽ ` ) ♡ #notmyoc 🌱

Had a super awesome life drawing session at Geeky Tea!! Met some pretty awesome people (@veronica_langley_art @monet.the.tortie ) and got to meet the talented @briankesinger !!! Thanks for hosting!! It was such a fun and great opportunity!!! And thank you to our wonderful and beautiful mermaid for modeling!! @mermaids_sheroes_entertainment #inkedtails

My self indulgent AU of Genji Shimada from Overwatch crosses with The Last Guardian where Genji is the Boy and his dragon is Trico :') (but I mixed the two) it feels so nice to draw digitally again , I've had this AU sketched out for a while so it was a great warmup to get back into digital art. (Never draw fanart either so it was a nice change)

one of the last of my very simple light studies from Rome. I'm back from Italy and I am jet lagged hardcore 😬and also afraid to touch my monitor tablet..

Ethel 🌙🌹

I haven't worked in just ink and washes in a while so I doodled Iker. (One of my antagonists in my story Walk Softly.) ヽ(・∀・) When I get back from Italy I'm going to be doing lots of turnarounds for WS. #shewsie_ws

I tried Gold Leaf material for the first time, it's a very fickle pretty thing. Hope to get better at it! ✨also I have one more week in Italy ???Σ('◉⌓◉’) 4 weeks goes by fast.. #shewsie_ws #shewsie_fs

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