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SWAT  Grassroots Womxns Cycling Club & CAT 3/4 Race Team 🚲 ⚡️🚲 Born in LA🌴Raised by Wolves 🐺Est 2013 ❤️ Rad Womxn United! #SOSWAT

🌈 Finish Line Magic 🌈 so whose signing up for team 2019!?! #shewolfalcteam #soswat #aidslifecycle2018

Finish line smiles 561 miles later #shewolfalcteam #aidslifecycle #soswat

Day 6 - Venture / 88 miles:
It’s our last night together...The day started with a gradual 16 mile climb into Rest Stop 1 in the chilly morning. From there, we took a gnarly descent through Gaviota pass. After lunch, we made our way to the Passion Pit where we got fed ice cream, cookies and brownies! After gorging on our treats, we made our way to Rest Stop 4 for the traditional dance party. This year’s theme had something to do with sheep? Regardless, the wolf pack made a visit, got a hold of one of the sexy sheep man and...took a photo?!
After an epic week, we cross the finish line tomorrow!!!

Day 5 Recap - 42 miles / Red Dress Day:
Today was our shortest day in mileage. But we had to bring our climbing legs. We climbed switchback after switchback adorned in our red dress attire. Red dress day derived from a statement one rider once made, “the switchback can resemble a red AIDS awareness ribbon!” From there, the day was born.
Team stretching and an off-site dinner was called for after the consecutive days of riding.
Also, team picture day was today. Gosh, we’re a good looking bunch. ☺️
#SoSWAT #SheWolfALCTeam #AIDSLifecycle #ALC2018 @aidslifecycle

Day 4 - Evil Twins (Paso Robles) recap: A tough day for the pack as 2 have fallen ill with fevers. 😥. GET WELL SO SOON! Out on the road, the day started with long lines getting out the gate. Not too far after, we were faced with long climbs for the first half of our day - known as The Evil Twins. After reaching the peak of the climb, we were rewarded with officially being halfway to LA. A long 12 mile epic descent followed by some much needed fuel. .
Back at camp, our SWAT roadies were hard at work to keep things moving. In camp, there were therapy bunnies and a cute ukulele playing boy serenading us while we decompressed. The night ended w an impromptu s’more party brought to us by team mate @robynnavarro. .
Sidebar: a couple of wolves “princessed” around the corner as they were desperate for porcelain and pizza.
#SoSWAT #SheWolfALCTeam @aidslifecycle

As of 10am this morning, #SheWolfALCTeam is halfway to LA! Evil Twins (and then some) ain’t got nothin’ on us!
#SoSWAT @aidslifecycle

DAY 3 Quad Buster recap:
While some had injuries and illness, the wolves crushed Quad Buster. All quads are still intact! Our #SWAT sticker from 3 years ago is still there!

Rode into Bradley where we participated in their annual bbq for us. The money raised there goes towards affording their extra curricular activities. .
This year, we helped raised $65,000 from the bbq!!!! After rolling out of lunch, Rest Stop 4 entertained w their never disappointing drag show to be finished with a root beer float and out door movie “Coco” at camp.
Congrats for another successful day! All wolves are back and safe (some feeling poopy, but all here.) .
.Tomorrow: HALWAY TO LA!!!
#soSWAT #shewolfalcteam

Day 2 recap. 109 miles, unwavering winds and, not one but TWO of our wolves achieved their very first century!!!! ALL wolves accounted for and in safe!
#SoSWAT #SheWolfALCTeam #aidslifecycle

Day 2 Obligatory lunch playground shot w half of the squad!
#SoSWAT #SheWolfALCTeam #AIDSlifecycle #ALC2018

We interrupt ALC coverage briefly for MTB Monday! Diana took 3rd over the weekend in Big Bear. Awooo!!! #dirtfoo #swatMTB #dangerdiana #soswat #podiumwolves #fuckyeahwomenracebikes and now back to ALC coverage ❤️

Fun times at the @wolfpackhustle @bicycle_attorney Omnium series yesterday at @encinovelodrome Lynn took a repeat third place and Chloe won her third set of dog tags along with a sweet $200 cash prize. Chloe is the youngest Wolfpack dogtag winner in history (she’s only 13!!!) So BOSS 🙌 Next race in this series is July 7th, will she continue sweeping the series? Will Georgetta catch her and move up to that top step? Will more track stars come out to compete for the tags and cash? We can’t wait to find out 📷 pics by @fixiegirls and @fixedgearfridays #soswat #shewolfattrackteam #SWATpbTFBA and now back to ALC TAKE OVER ♥️

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