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Today on Designer Watches from Sophie & Freda are up to 95% Off with FREE US Shipping!⠀
Time is a luxury so your watch should be too! Classy with simple lines (and a great designer name) these high-society timepieces are chic, trendy, and let the world know you're to be taken seriously.⠀
The perfect gift for yourself, a friend, or your special someone, Sophie and Freda watches are quality built using high-quality watch movements encased in hypoallergenic solid stainless steel.

Today on Tunic Tops for Fall are up to 77% Off!⠀
Tunics are an essential fall outfit staple. Fluid, soft, and feminine and these sweet and chic tops look great paired with your best jeans or comfy leggings. They're so easy to wear in changing weather and seasons that you can even hang onto them through your spring and summer wardrobe.

Today on Stain-Free Menstrual Panties by Anigan are 35% off.⠀
Stain-free menstrual panties are specially designed to protect your clothes (and your self-confidence!) during your menstrual cycle.⠀
Anigan panties are as comfortable as your regular underwear but have extra padding, helping to keep both your sanitary pad, menstrual cup, or tampon snugly in place. Keep any staining that might occur out of sight and far away from your clothes.

Today on Dryer Balls, Essential Oils, and Diffusers are up to 53% Off!⠀

Keeping things clean and smelling nice can be a little hard between work, school, kids, and everything in between. Keep your family squeaky clean, your home smelling nice and fresh, and your clothes fluffy and comfortable with all these oils, dryer balls, and diffusers!

Today on for only $8.99: Cut, peel, slice, and scoop Avocados effectively with this all in one cutting and peeling tool. This is a must have tool for all kitchens! The blade perfectly slices the avocado without being sharp to the touch. The middle part of this tool allows you to easily remove the pit of the avocado while the blade allows you to scoop out the rest and cut it up effectively. #avocado #avocadotoast

What's your favorite men's cologne? We're giving away 50 steal points to a lucky commenter! PS. Men's designer fragrances are a steal on now!

Today on Boum Watches are up to 83% off with FREE US Shipping!

Today on B True Beauty Eyelash Enhancer & Accessories are up to 67% off with FREE US Shipping! ⠀
B True Beauty Eyelash Enhancer is a 100% natural way to accelerate the length of your eyelashes. Both the Eyelash Enhancer and Makeup Remover are made from certified organic ingredients — this helps effectively accelerate the length of your lashes while nourishing, conditioning and thickening them; and keeps your skin away from harmful chemicals. No yucky stuff here!

Today on SheSteals: Menstrual Cups by Super Jennie are up to 36% off today only! 🙋⠀
Convenient, clean, and comfortable, great for all cervixes, safer than tampons, and helps boosts confidence by reducing or eliminating leakage. Oh, and you don't need to carry anything with you all the time. Give it a try, you'll save money AND wonder how you've done without it! Don't knock it 'til you've tried it, you'll never go back.

Today on Unsinkable Polarized Sunglasses are 50% off! Lighter than water, these Unsinkable Floating Polarized #sunglasses are made from a unique frame material called VaporLite which has the look & feel of ordinary sunglasses but are 20% lighter, allowing them to float! Now you can get out on the water and go paddling, surfing, fishing, kayaking, or just relaxing knowing that your new shades won't disappear to the depths. And by the way, if they happen to float away on you, don’t worry because we have you covered with our ground breaking Lifetime + Loss warranty!

Today on Back by popular demand... Hair Tie Bracelets are 83% Off!⠀

These Hair Tie Bracelets will keep those uncomfortable indents and poor circulation off of your arm and keep style front and center!

Today on Zallzo and BeHome Rustic Handmade Kitchen Supplies are up to 53% Off with FREE Shipping.⠀
Rustic, eclectic, handmade pieces for everyone's favorite room in the house! Add an earthy tone to your whole kitchen aesthetic and impress your friends the next time they're over with these beautiful rustic designs.

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