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s h a n i e c e  🇧🇧🇺🇸// where y'all been at tho

it’s libra szn and I AM ALIVE WIT DA POWER OF MY ZODIAC. and those who know me KNOW ME can roll their eyes in agreement with this 🙂🙃

back on my bullshit. y'all heard it here first.

And on your right, you'll see a new piece from Shaniece. The artist, formerly known as Shanaynay, has been in hiding since 2011. An impulsive decision has led her to release this and show the world what's really in(on) her head. Will she finally make a return?!// y'all I cut my hair and took a straightener to it and don't know who I am 🤦🏾‍♀️

"How much of a storm you are and it hits them." I'll be damned if I'm not the sun, the moon AND some damn thunder. It does the body good to close your eyes, light some sage and feel all that is swirling inside. There's power in there, baby. Power. // I wanted some words. I was yearning for some words. I needed something to wake me up. Rupi Kaur is a literal genius. Her words connect with me so much that they feel like my own. #ifyouneedthishereitis


no I'm not lucky I'm blessed yes

my aunt and uncle have been married for 25 years and I spent 25 minutes in the bathroom taking mirror pics. they clearly taught me a lot about love. 💕HAPPY SILVER ANNIVERSARY💕

i got a cute lil week(e)nd ahead of me

Allow yourself to feel to allow yourself to grow. Woke up, grabbed the nearest thing I could write on so I can remember how I felt this morning. For no good reason at all. But good enough. Warm. Comfortable. Powerful. In my skin. Sharing with all of you ladies as a reminder that we all need to wake up feeling like we can move a mountain more often. #excusemyscribbles

when my friends move, so do I (to the rooftop pool)

melanin is in

go wild, for a while.

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