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✨Courtney Danielle✨  @jeffreygh314 is my soulmate ❤️💍 High on life and coffee 💖☕️ Vegan 🥑🌱 🌙 It's just a little Hocus Pocus 🌙 For collaborations 💌


Fresh copper do for this lady thanks to @overtonecolor and @arcticfoxhaircolor 💛🧡❤️✨ I used Vibrant Red ❣️and Intense Orange 🍊by @overtonecolor mixed with Cosmic Sunshine ☀️ by @arcticfoxhaircolor and its bright! #haircolor #copper #ginger #orange #weargloves

I want to personally thank my herb and oil infused bubble bath, coffee, water, and Musinex Fast-Max for helping me pull myself together today 🙏🏻 let’s hope it’s enough to last until the end of my shift 😷 #tistheseason #coldssuck

After @plnkstl sweaty workout picture in my new @choniesbrand sports bra courtesy of @goodbyebread ✨💪🏻 how many tags can I fit in one caption? #plnkstl #allblack #chonies #goodbyebread

Everyday is sweeter when you have @sugarbearhair 🍭🐻 #sugarbearhair #ad

what I never
from my mother
was that
just because someone desires you
does not
they value you.
desire is the kind of thing
eats you
leaves you starving.
-the colour of low self esteem

I love fall 🍂🌧 Good Morning everyone ✨

@kazel_ painted a portrait of me!!! Thank you so so much!!✨🖤 #painting #portraits #follow #amazing

If any of you know me in real life, you know that I’m fairly conservative. Most of that stems from Body Dysmorphia. And a very protective fiancé haha (not controlling for my feminist followers, I can and will do what I want with my body and he will support me 💕) I wanted to give a heads up that the next photos posted are of my nude body. 🔞 I want to show off the wonderful work - my friend @mrtomb8 - FOLLOW HIM - has been doing on me and I want to share how proud I am of letting go of some of my insecurities with my self 🖤 If you body/slut shame me in anyway at all I will report and block you. If you over sexualise me I will block and report you. These photos are not meant to be nudes for you, but to show my body’s artwork. Please respect me and enjoy my progress ✨💖 ➡️➡️➡️ SWIPE OVER ➡️➡️➡️ Also I will post the full photos in my #instastory for a better look! #mrtomb #tattoos #backpiece #girlswithtattoos #respecteachother #progress #bodypositive #empoweredwomen

with change
comes the chance
to fall in love
with y o u r s e l f again - gemma troy
genuine smile 😊
thank you @casey_x_jones 🖤

No makeup, lint on my shirt, glasses, hair wrapped up. This is me. When I was younger I was told not to be ugly, not to get fat, and be lady like. I was told daily I wasn’t good enough. I’m always thinking and worrying of how I look to others. It’s embedded into my brain. Social media feeds that constant anxiety of “look perfect” 🙃 I’ve posted videos before where I didn’t have make up on, but today multiple people made comments about my bad skin. How surprised and grossed out they were... mind blowing because I was talking about how to help my breakouts... ITS OK TO NOT BE PERFECT 👌🏻 #healing #human #rant #thisismymansfavlook

Actual curly tailed angels 👼🏻Grooming each other while sunbathing 😻 #haroldandstitch #sphynx #brothers #babies

@_coffee_is_always_a_good_idea_ 💖💖💖 This is amazing! Thank you!! #repost #art

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