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I have 4 hours of computer work to do today and all I really want to do, is paint Ladybirds. #paintallday #maybetonight #lady #ladybirds #create #makesomething #humpday

Happy First Day of Spring! May the ladybugs eat all the aphids in your garden. We released 1500 🐞 in our garden a few weeks back and our plants are looking real strong. Sabine took this photo with a special lens attached on the iPhone. @sabinedenton πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #ladybugs #plants #spring #garden #grow #natural #organic #naturewins #green #ladybug #eatplants #slow #flashesofdelight

...and now all I need are some fresh pastries from Little Flower to make my morning complete. #soulmate #indigo #ilovemycat #siameselove My husband says he is going to have to grow whiskers and a tail to get any attention around here. #sundaymorning

Cont. Please Read my previous post first: Photo 2 - How cute am I? Looks like a cute enough angle to me. Sitting in a heart. Heart knowing. #greece #corfu #heartknowing Dear Universe: More trips to Greece please where I'm sitting in hearts. Thank you. πŸ™‹πŸ½ ...and to all the women I met in Greece with @awakeningwomen. I carry you in my heart daily and I know I will sit in circle with you again. Love, love and more love.

Photo 1 - I'm up north deleting old photos on my phone. I painted these watercolors in Greece a few years back with q-tips and some tampons because I forgot my paint brushes. Seriously, these little drawings are kind of awesome. It's funny in life all the missed opportunities to notice how good something is when it's happening. Although I was literally flying so high in Greece and loving every moment of my time there, I did brush these drawings off to nothing all that special. I have done this countless times throughout my life where I don't take stock of how awesome something is or I forget to notice and acknowledge the beauty in myself or the beauty in something I have made AND because of this frequency, I am sure I have missed out in the beauty in others too. (Did you like that run-on sentence? I did. πŸ™‹πŸ½) I also have so many cute swimsuit photos in Greece where I was overly critical. (Photo 2 in the next post). I was like eww or is it good enough angle? Now looking at them ...I'm seeing how cute am I? Anyway, I have no idea where these drawings are but I'm determined now to find them in my studio and recreate some similar ones in the coming weeks. So to whoever is reading this post know that you are awesome, you are beautiful, you are love, be aware of your mind and when you are critical with yourself. Be curious why you are thinking these criticisms? Be aware of any negativity in your mind and figure out away to not be-LIE-ve all the lies you are telling yourself. Illusions. Your perception is everything and becomes your reality. The older I get the more I realize that so much of all the bullshit in our heads isn't even ours! We have taken it in from the collective. Society is feeding us endless distractions and diverting us away from our heart knowing. It's a noisy polluted world. So be sure your tuning into the highest station and frequency possible. And to any of my kids friends reading this, tap into your heart as early as you can. Tap into your heart knowing. Have quiet sitting time with yourself, meditate, drink a lot of tea, limit technology, walk barefoot on the earth daily, don't eat processed food. name a few and blow up your tv.

Hi. For all of us making small, large, or even new beginnings each moment. #magic #trust #begin #beginnings . #loveyourself #monday #new #anew

Cute Bros. We had such a good backyard hang today. I just want to freeze time. Growing so fast. #sunflare

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