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Sherrie Agius  BEYOND YOURSELF Brand Ambassador 😍Over 35 years in the Fitness Industry 💪🏻 Elite Personal Training 💃🏻DM 😀for free consult 🍑Camp 🤴🏼

Working out hard is only 25 to 30 % of the battle 😬What we eat today helps us recover and prepare us for tomorrow workout or activities. In today's world we are ALL SO BUSY so let Prepd Nutrition help you take the stress away . So many fabulous choices to pick from . Choose your macros , portion sizes and special orders welcome So yummy too mmmm👌ALWAYS FRESH NEVER FROZEN and delivered to your door 🚪 what more could you ask for 🤔Go to and order on line or 613 315-0477 TODAY 💪@prepdnutrition@ new BodyDimensions @prepdnutrition @newbodydimensions @popeyes_ottawa @andrewmonsour_prepdnutrition @bradsjnb @salsabirdie @sofi.von.pow @emmagee_gee @tintinnn @rahrouha @musclehdd @carinalegnaro @fitbeauties @fitbodyfusion @one_fine_day_ottawa @fit_momwith2 @spinmom68 @safonline #lifestyle #mealprep #food #womensphysique #ottawapersonaltrainer #ottawa #chef #mealprep #mealpackages

TRANSFORMATION MONDAY😀Kristin Chaar came to me with a storey most women can all relate to 🤔Training 6 days a week , doing steady state cardio AND barely eating enough to keep her self to get through her day , let alone have a intense workout I could tell from all her symptoms she had metabolic damage , and depressed adrenals , doing too much with not enough nutritionist. and too much activity Under my personalized nutrition plan for her ,with way more food , more intense workouts, and HIT cardio 4 x 30 mins a week 💥 BAM lost 16 pounds and 6% BF in under 60 DAYS Kristin also has tons of energy. now and is sleeping like a baby 👶 Her demeanour is HAPPY all the time too , as she feel and notices the change as well as EVERYONE else SO EXTREMELY proud of her Another feel good storey from the SHERRIEGODMOTHER 😁💃Need help , want a change 👌DM Or Email @tintinnn @newbodydimensions @popeyesottawa_@ beyondyourself_ @salsabirdie @ruhaua @musclehdd@

Part of my mandate to my clients and my IG followers😊is to inform and keep you up to date of the science and technology of training and nutrition and supplementation : HIT VS Steady State Cardio🤔 HIT has a more favourable effect on insulin sensitivity for fat loss , compared to any other forms of cardio 😀Another bonus it takes less time , and is anabolic , which helps maintain or even enhance muscle gain 💪Also leaves your thermogenesis working HOURS after it has been completed (yessss😁) VS STEADY STATE .. long duration cardio decreases muscle mass , interferes with resistance training, AND sOme cases studies , people have gain body fat 😳yikes ONCE again it's not how much you do it's what you do that counts 😀For more tips DM me or for your free consult to get in the BEST shape of YOUR life @newbodydimensions @themusclephd @popeyes_ottawa @prepdnutrition @popeyeskingston @popeyessupplements @beachsidebunny @beyondyourself_ @andrewmonsour_prepdnutrition @a_ski_ @sofi.von.pow @shredded_academy @shredded.nation @musclehdd @maximumnutritioncentres @fit_momwith2 @mad_mo_fitness @salsabirdie @fitbeauties @fitbodyfusion @fitfemalesclub @fitnessgirlsmotivation @fitchick_obsession @raelyndent @rahrouha @tintinnn @ @carinalegnaro @emmagee_gee @spinmom68 @bradsjnb @emmagee_gee

This what Im talking about 😆👏👏Raelyn Dent started her fitness journey June 2016 , with aspirations of just loosing some pounds and feeling good in her own skin 💃Well pictures don't lie , 42 pounds gone . She has followed the plan to a "T" under my training , nutrition and cardio regime I designed for her 💃not only does she look incredible and feels like a new lady , we have decided to go ONE step further and do the OPA October 1st as a BIKINI competitor 👙I have no words to describe how very PROUD I am to help and be by her side all the way to accomplish her dream, that's what I do ☺️Whatever your GOAL may be female or male I will get you there 😀I'm just a email or DM Away @raelyndent @newbodydimensions @beyondyourself_ @a_ski_ @aroundtheopa @ontariomuscle @popeyeskingston @popeyes_ottawa @popeyessupplements @fitchick_obsession @fitbodyfusion @fusionbodybuilding @shredded.nation @shredded_academy @musclehdd @maximumnutritioncentres @prepdnutrition @sofi.von.pow @one_fine_day_ottawa @salsabirdie @fit_momwith2 @fitbeauties @thexbands @tintinnn @rahrouha @emmagee_gee @spinmom68 @bradsjnb @koko_king_00 @maximum_yeg @jonnyquad @maestro_jordan #womensphysique #wpd #ottawapersonaltrainer #lovewhatyou #results #fitness #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #intensity #intensity #inspiration

Another crazy week DONE💥💥So happy with all my clients transformations and their feel good stories 😁One of the many benefits of being a PERSONAL trainer is the IMPACT l make on my clients lives , both professionally and mentally . WE ALL have past BUT the difference is l take the time to listen to each and everyone and try to advise them IF l can to help . All of my clients have made a difference in my life too . I am so blessed to do a job ( which I embrace ) everyday , l ❤️what I do .. helping people in every and anyway I can , the reward I get in return is PRICELESS .😍@newbodydimensions @thexbands @popeyes_ottawa @popeyessupplements @popeyeskingston @beyondyourself_ @a_ski_ @prepdnutrition @shredded_academy @shredded.nation @sofi.von.pow @rahrouha @tintinnn @musclehdd @musclegirlsclub_ @fit_momwith2 @fitbeauties @emmagee_gee @caf_fitchick @fitchick_obsession @carinalegnaro @maximumnutritioncentres @thexbands @spinmom68 @thesecret_lawofattraction @bradsjnb @fitfemalesclub @one_fine_day_ottawa #driven #ottawapersonaltrainer #goals😍 #personaltrainer #gym #motivation #wpd #womensphysique #inspiration #intensity # lovewhatyoudo

Results are determined by the EFFORT and DEDICATION to the goals you have made to look and feel a certain way . It may be a a vacation , your birthday 🎉, special event in your life or a SHOW. The end RESULT should be the SAME .You want to see results right 🤔😁CONSISTENCY is the most important factor of ALL .. stay true and driven to your GOALS and the rest will follow @fitchick_obsession @fitbodyfusion @fusionbodybuilding @fit_momwith2 @fitbeauties @bradsjnb @beastmotivation.officialpage @sofi.von.pow @rahrouha @raelyndent @thexbands @beyondyourself_ @andrewmonsour_prepdnutrition @a_ski_ @popeyes_ottawa @popeyeskingston @popeyessupplements #ottawa #gym #transformation #driven #determination #ottawapersonaltrainer #ottawa #disneyland #fitfam #intensity #intensity #consistency #lovewhatyou

Another gruelling 🍑ty workout in the books💥lots of bands, cable , hip thrusts, stability balls , glute bridges to name a few exercise MOST women focus on Squats to build their 🍑but studies show that it primarily actives the quads making the legs thick and blocky and only hits the glutes by 35-40% , I have numerous exercises that target 🎯 the 🍑hamstring tie ins as well Too many to mention ☺️😂For a rounder , perky posterior workouts and tips come to my REVAMP your BOOTY CAMP August 13 from 10-2 at NEW BODY DIMENSIONS 1800 St. Laurent Blvd you won't be disappointed @thexbands @newbodydimensions @popeyes_ottawa @musclehdd @musclegirlsclub_ @musclehdd @beyondyourself_ @a_ski_ @salsabirdie @rahrouha @raelyndent @fit_momwith2 @one_fine_day_ottawa @sofi.von.pow @spinmom68 @beastmotivation.officialpage @fitbodyfusion @bradsjnb #hardcore #lovewhatyou #howbaddoyouwantit#booty🍑 #bootcamp #bootygainz #glutes #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #intensity #inspiration #educator #ottawapersonaltrainer #ottawa #trainer#

HUMP DAY 🍑🍑is tomorrow my most favourite day of the week 😀I specifically FOCUS on my booty and glute-tie ins and hamstrings area actually 2 -3 x a week as you can never have your booty ROUNDER FULLER and HIGHER right😊You want your back end to smile not frown I have designed a 4 hour info session from A to Z to get your asset in the BEST SHAPE possible Call 613799-5616 reserve today 💃August 13 10-2 NEWBODY DIMENSIONS 1800 St Laurent Blvd Ottawa Ontario 🍑#hardcore #bootcamp #goals😍 #gym #booty🍑 #hardworkpaysoffs #bootygainz #bootyfordays @thexbands @bradsjnb @fit_momwith2 @fitbeauties @tintinnn @rahrouha @emmagee_gee @sofi.von.pow @popeyes_ottawa @salsabirdie @one_fine_day_ottawa @raelyndent @spinmom68 @musclehdd

Being a BRAND Ambassador for BEYOND YOURSELF is a honour To represent and spread the word on a DAILY basis , how incredible their products REALLY are to all my clients I train and reach out too 💃😀Canadian made , no fillers or chemicals , they are what they say on their label I also love ❤️ their slogans as they are words I truly believe in and represent . As the one I have here ☺️it's TOTALLY ME , l have no LIMITS to where I can push and work for till I achieve what I want call it crazy , driven and even a lot stubborn . That the way l roll , and teach my clients to push for on a daily basis . NORMAL is BORING right 😉Go to Popeyes and talk to one of their highly skilled sales representatives to assist you in your fitness needs in BEYOND YOURSELF products 💥🇨🇦@beyondyourself_ @a_ski_ @popeyes_ottawa @popeyessupplements @popeyeskingston @musclehdd @spinmom68 @sofi.von.pow @thexbands @rahrouha @raelyndent @emmagee_gee @fusionbodybuilding @fitbeauties @femalemuscleworld @femalesphysiques @fusionbodybuilding @ontariomuscle @one_fine_day_ottawa @fitchick_obsession @maximumnutritioncentres @aroundtheopa @this_is_bodybuilding @fit_momwith2 #hardcore #lovewhatyou #hardworkpaysoffs #hardworkpaysoffs #ottawa #ottawapersonaltrainer #popeyes #postworkout #fitfam #fifty#transformation #trainer #bepositive #believeinyourself #beyondyourself #traininsane #

We all have our OWN genetic makeup that we can improve on and accentuate 😀Often times I hear from my clients l want to look 👀 like him/her or me even ☺️We are all individuals , with our OWN POTENTIAL that can be maximized. Be the BEST YOU CAN BE , don't compare yourself to others . UNLEASH your POTENTIAL , work on your weak points to put the BEST package you can be on any given day .Sometimes it's hard to see it Or you don't know how 🤓Hire a trainer to get you there , it's worth the investment instead of spinning your wheels in one spot. Need help DM me or email today @beyondyourself_ @a_ski_ @newbodydimensions @popeyes_ottawa @popeyessupplements @popeyeskingston @musclehdd @one_fine_day_ottawa @fusionbodybuilding @shredded_academy @shredded.nation @fitbeauties @fitnessgirlsmotivation @fitchick_obsession @maximumnutritioncentres @aroundtheopa @prepdnutrition @emmagee_gee @carinalegnaro @spinmom68 @salsabirdie @sofi.von.pow @beastmotivation.officialpage @thexbands @tintinnn @fitbeauties @hardbody_fitness #ottawapersonaltrainer #mealpackages #represent #motivation#intensity #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #hardworkpaysoffs #goals #howbaddoyouwantit #lovewhatyou #hardcore

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