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sherlane white  @greyharbourtattoo Hamilton, Ontario. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FOR TATTOO INQUIRIES PLEASE EMAIL πŸ“¬ SHERLYBIRD@GMAIL.COM

One of my favourite tattoos I have ever done #melloncollieandtheinfinitesadness

My mom was literally the greatest woman ever. I don't think words can express the insane amount of awesome that was Kathy, my Mom, loving Babcia, perfect Wife, caring Aunt, a best friend to many. She had the biggest most selfless heart. She put literally everyone before herself. So many times she'd offer to go out of her way to do things for me, for everyone. I love my mom, I don't want her to be gone! How is this reality? No one ever wants to imagine losing someone they love, ever. I love you so much mom. So much. I miss you. I will forever. I'm going to miss your stupid emoji texts, and am sad we will never get to see NIN together like you had asked if we could when they come around again. I miss you I miss you. My heart is broken. Tell people you love them, the ones who matter most to you, you never know when you won't be able to say that to them again. Or hug them or kiss them. I don't want to let her go. I love you mom. I love you. MY MOTHER, fuck. She is perfect. Please be patient with my delay in response to new emails, and any rescheduling of current appointments I may need to do at this time.

Added on to Colleen's arm that we had finished about a year ago! Steppin' up her tat game and bringing it on to her hand too! Thanks again friend!! @holyshnit (I think this is actually the first full sleeve I have ever done, and it wasn't planned that way when we started the top!)

Who run the world? Girls πŸ’πŸ» #codeorange #reba @reebm

I have waited for this night for so long. Woman crush forever #reba #codeorange #codeorangekids @reebm



Thanks, my small friend! @choirghoul πŸ’€

Tough to get a good photo of this one on Joyce! Kinda snuck it up inside the back of her arm. Thanks again, you're so awesome!

Thanks Cat!!!!


Thanks Courtney! And for the homemade vegan cupcakes!

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