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Sheridan French  A fusion of vibrant, exceptional prints on classic, wearable pieces that are undeniably fun, effortlessly chic, and made with your lifestyle in mind💋

I see the weekend in the near future! Only three of these White + Blush maxis are in stock — one size 6, two size 10s — and it seems like an add to cart kind of day if you ask me☀️

Power. Moves. Only.
I want every woman who puts on my clothing to feel strong and confident. This Structured Sleeve Tunic in Pink Pineapple Ikat is ideal for a day of errands or a night out with the girls… or both 😉🛒🍸💕 @candidchicphoto📷

Why didn’t the Easter bunny get the memo and put one of these micro piggies into my basket 🥺 #cutestever #theresalwaysnextyear

This paneled maxi skirt checks all the boxes:
Business meeting
Parent teacher conference
Lunch with the girls
Date night
Errands around town
Plus instant confidence with this bright and cheery pattern 💕 I’ll take two! 📷 @candidchicphoto

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee strong and your Monday’s short😎Click to shop the softest, most comfortable polo you’ve ever felt #trustme

Stop playing it small ladies! At the end of your life you aren’t going to remember all the reasons you never did anything about those dreams. You’re going to wish you hadn’t let fear win. #mondaymotivation to get in the game already and make it happen👊🏼Tell me below...what would you do if you KNEW you could NOT fail?

If I may, I want to share with you the story that changed my life. I grew up in the Bible belt and didn’t truly hear the gospel until I was 25 years old. I owned a Bible but was Biblically illiterate. My best summary of it would have been something like this: Live good enough for long enough and hope that I’m nicer than that person, so maybe when I die and stand in judgment before the King, I’ll have more good than bad and God will say, welcome in.
The idea of religion that men need to be good enough for long enough so they can make their way back to God is a lie and a myth. It has made it’s way around for centuries because imperfect men have distorted the story. Don’t be deceived with empty words as I was. I don’t want anyone reading this to have to wait 25 years to hear the truth, so this is the Gospel: We don’t have to do anything ourselves to earn our way to God. NO MATTER WHAT you have done — He loves you. He cares for you. He is patient with you. But we can’t do anything to please the One that can’t be pleased by anything less than perfection... perfection that we are all so far from. So in His love and kindness, He sent His Son to die in your place, so that you are seen as holy and blameless before Him. Saved by grace through faith, not by works. Not by anything of my own doing. I can’t work my way up to Him. I will be in heaven not because of anything I did, but because of what He did for me. I’m so thankful I can pass this on to my children. I’m so glad that the ceiling of where I reach in my faith will be their floor.
Easter is about love. God demonstrated His love on the cross in a way that none of us can know unless you look at the Easter story. The head that was once crowned with thorns has come to life again. I pray that someone that reads this believes it for the very first time. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Your praise will ever be on my lips...Today. Yesterday. Tomorrow. Every day. I will build my life upon Your love ✝️ #happyeaster #heisrisen

Help me decide on two dresses for our Easter celebrations please! I need one for Saturday and one for Sunday💐Give me your thoughts on 1/2/3/4?? #toomanychoices #happyproblemtohave

This woman. Now a published author, we have been friends since lower school. I remember sitting on the playground together working on drafts for our own fashion magazine. While I stayed the course with that industry, she moved to Alaska to a one room cabin with no running water, became a wilderness planner for the National Park Service, started @heymoosekennel with her husband, is now a professional dog musher and one of only thirty one women in history to have completed both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod Trail thousand-mile dog sled races where the objective is to not only finish but to survive. Temps start at -40, and if you get two hours of sleep in five days that’s a win. If that doesn’t give you chills and tell you everything you need to know about her looking straight into the face of fear and winking, I don’t know what will. She tells about this journey in her exciting and heartfelt memoir, This Much Country, that gives a real glimpse into Alaskan adventure, and it was a privilege to have her sign my copy last night! I hope you read it so you can get to know even just a fraction of her — her contagious spirit, her hysterical mouth of a sailor (since we were nine...pretty sure I heard every cuss word from her first...), her enormous, warm heart and love of life’s grandest adventures. Kristin, you are truly solid gold. Proud of you my friend.

This cool weather has me in vacation mode!🍍What are your top three bucket list destinations? I need new ideas to daydream about...

When you get caught sneaking off to mix up a marg... Anyone throwing a party soon? Be the best dressed there in this embellished sun dress in blush tile☀️What’s your go to party cocktail? 📷 @candidchicphoto

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