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Sheridan Watson  The Sims devotee | Real Housewife historian | Chicken finger connoisseur | $15 Pinot Grigio aficionado | Senior Editor at BuzzFeed

I'm just a girl, revisiting her college campus, wondering if she'll ever be as cool as 20-year-old Sheridan.

When your boobs are saggy but your hustle flying high πŸ’πŸ½

@jazzmynejay said to give her more 'tude.

When you're dying of cramps but still wanna look fly.

When McDonald's says they're out of sweet and sour. #nationalbikiniday πŸ“Έ: @maceyjforonda

This is American beauty. We're short and tall, black, brown, white, and everything in between. We're boys and girls and gender nonconformative and intersex. We're straight and gay and asexual and bi and queer. We're transgender and cisgender. We're Atheists and Christians and Muslims and Jews and sikhs and Buddists and more. We're rich and poor and middle class. We're single and married and dating and parents and non parents. We're skinny and plus sized and athletic and curvy. There is no one type of American, so instead of supporting those who want to take away our rights, who don't care about our lives, remember that everyone deserves to be loved and to be free and to wake up every day feeling lucky to be alive. THAT'S the American way. And that's the way to be a real Patriot.

ALL CAPS NECESSARY CAUSE IT'S MY MOM'S 60TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! πŸ‘‘β€οΈπŸŽ‰ Des, thank you so much for all you have given us through the years: laughter, love, and dressing your 2-year-old in a very fashion-forward button down and tie get-up. Thank you for giving me my love of fashion and thank you for taking me to see whatever movie I wanted no matter what age I was because you saw how much I loved cinema. You've always encouraged us to follow our dreams and are our biggest supporters. You're glamorous and down to earth and funny and smart. You have the ability to make best friends just by talking to them for five minutes, when people feel alone they turn to you because they know you're there to listen. OK gushing over: We love you, I love you β€” happy birthday!

My sister used to blackmail me into making her sandwiches. I've now forgiven her. @alayjahtennie

No new friends.

And here are some details from the Big Day. A lot of people say don't focus on the little stuff but that's what was most important to me. The Norwegian traditions, the African American traditions. Signs showing where Peter and I came from before eventually meeting in LA. A Jenga guestbook because Peter's family likes to play after dinner. Pride flags because the wedding was during pride weekend and we wanted to show our LGBTQ and ally guests just how important it is that ALL love is celebrated. It's the little things that count. πŸ“Έ: Erica Camille (@ericacamilletravels)

When Peter and I got "officially" married, we only had our parents and siblings in attendance. So one year ago today, we had a more circus-like event so that the rest of our friends and family could get dressed up, hang out, and get really drunk. But also to celebrate our love, I guess. I won't lie and say wedding planning was easy, because I have never been so stressed in my life, but showing everyone just how much I love Peter was worth it. Peter, du er mannen i mitt liv. Jeg elsker deg. Photos by the incredible Erica Camille (@ericacamilletravels)

I accidentally dressed like the Swedish flag today so this is my peace offering to my very Norwegian husband.

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