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• And baby you’re so sweet, you know you could have been some honey • 🍯 🐝 #farmersmarket #shoplocal #sweetlikehoney

Honestly, it’s not hard to be thankful for a man like this. I mean look at that face 😂 (thx Man Ministry and the ability to have no shame) But I’m extra proud of my man today. He listened to God’s voice in his heart, changed his major and pursued the profession God called him to; teaching. This stud hangs out with middle schoolers all day and teaches them more than just history and geography because his job is his calling and his ministry. It truly is a labor of love. He’s becoming a better teacher everyday and #Oklahoma is lucky to have him. And so am I. 🍎#Teachers #Pride #OklahomaTeachers #SorryNotSorryForThisPicTho

The only reason Spring is so great #HeIsRisen. Thank God for His good plan. Happy Easter from us. 💐

When that fit chick in the gym is goals but also your mom... 😬💪🏼@sydneyhill65 #FitMom #Goals #Back #ButSeriouslyOhMyGosh

There’s really no charming way to post about your bathroom...but @isblessed and I knocked this out in a couple of hours and I feel PUMPED! 🚽🛁💃🏼 #BathroomForever #SpringPaint #SoVery

You know those friends that you can not see for years and then they pop back in for a day and you just pick it up where you left off? Time and space ain’t got nothing on @whitnoel 👯‍♀️ #CollegeFriends #BackInTown #LetsChat

This is a perfect example of what HIIT training, say a spin class for instance 😉, can do for your body. High bursts of energy with intermittent recovery periods will elevate your heart rate for hours post workout so you can continue to burn fat into the evening. As a point of reference my resting heart rate is usually 54 beats per minute. Also, I finished my workout two hours ago...❤️🚴🏼‍♀️ #hiittraining #spin #cycle #workout #NautilusFitness

Hmm. My clothing choice to survive of of the coldest snow storms in NCY is the same as dressing for the remarkably consistent and reliably toasty climate of Southern Oklahoma. #jkitsfreezing #yesterdayitwasspring #thanksoklahoma ❄️🗻🌫☠️

My dad’s office. #Boss #Manly

Saturday snapshot: hours on the computer making next week’s #cycle playlist 💻🎶, #coffee at 4:00 p.m.☕️, starting the day with #OKMOM at 4:00 a.m. and Jeremy standing over me chanting, “Gummies! Gummies! Gummies!” 😒🍬 #thegoodlife

If your daily too-precious-for-words tank is full, scroll on. Danger ahead. #yoga #kindafitcouple #husband

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