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Denise -Sherbet with Sprinkles  Spring Collection currently being released 🌟Handmade Inspiration and fun since 2010 🌟Ships worldwide from NYC 🌟Turn Around 2-3 weeks

I was actually excited that I was woken up by a bug in my room buzzing by me ear this morning! It is actually almost 70 outside and we have decided to take a walk for our breakfast! What a great start to the weekend! 🐞 Our new ladybug Headbands will be available in the shop next week as part of our Summer line!

Happy Sunday all! We are going to pretend that spring is coming and head on out to enjoy that yellow ball that decided to make an appearance in the sky!

I know I have been so MIA lately. The is winter and a few wholesale orders have gotten the best of me. You guys have been asking but don't worry! The Summer line is in the works! These are a few fun pieces I have been working on. 💕

"Happy girls are the Prettiest!" ~ Audrey Hepurn 💕 And These girl are making me so happy! Finally! Live in the shop!

"I’ve hidden all the Easter candy for the kids inside my stomach" That is what I get for opening the bag of Cadberry eggs and thinking that I could only eat one. 🐰 Bunny Ears are now live in the shop on a clip or nylon headband!

Some of my new favorite fabrics for some sweet spring bows! I have the say the green is my favorite! 🌿 What's yours?

Hello Rabbit! Bunny ears and a new collection of glitter snap clips including some of our summer favorites and these sparkly rainbow minis are now live in the shop!

What's up rabbit? Thank goodness the weekend and our spring line is finally arriving. A few of our favorite Easter accessories are now available in the shop but there's definitely more to come. 🌿

Our last morning of snuggling and being lazy! 🌿 Thank you so much for your love and support. I know you've all been asking and waiting. My spring line will be released very shortly. ~ Glitter snap clips are available in the shop but new colors will be released later this week.

You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your handsome prince! ❤️ This is the only toad we will be kissing this year! Happy Valentine's Day my friends!

And just like that it is the 100th day of school! Let me hear a Whoo Whoo! 💯 #100thday #100daysofschool #100thdayofschool

Everyone speaks well of the bridge which carries him over. ~Unknown ❤️ Thursdays always seem to test my patience the most. Sometimes we just need a little taste of inspiration and a beautiful view to get us through! Here's to a successful Thursday building bridges.

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