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A day worth commemorating because i havent seen this girl for a good maybe close to 10 years? Thanks for reconnecting & for the ramen recommendation! Stay in touch (:

Friday, i love you so matcha!

Im sure if it wasnt for work today we'd have went on chatting for the whole night. Already looking forward to our next dinner! ❀

Friendship's really the only thing I miss from Academia (missing quite a few people: @mwaksmwaks @liyanaxx_ @fauziahbaba ) ❀

2018: Adding another to commemorate the yearly reunion so we can do comparisons later when we turn 50 πŸ˜„

Hello September: Hello to new work responsibilities, to impending battles, learning opportunities & OTs. But first, dim sum with some really old friends! πŸ˜„
πŸ“·: @smittenpixels @smittenpixelsphotography

Random musings: Friends who see me frequently & who have met me recently told me that I sound & look much happier now compared to last year. I may have rougher hands from the household chores & a bigger ass for being largely desk bound at work, but at least i dont knock off at midnight feeling tired AF nor do i complain about work-related issues every single damn day. Only then i realised how much the daily environment can impact our emotions & that happiness can radiate from you when you feel at ease with your life. I cant speak for the future but i'd be glad to maintain or make it better! Hope this happiness contagious & may you feel the same!

15Aug2018: δΈ€η›΄εœ¨ζœŸεΎ…δ»Šε€œ, checked this off my bucket list! Thank you @collenology for asking me, felt like i was fated to hear JJ live β™₯️ Now let's be zombies at work tomorrow, but who cares really? πŸ˜„ Great night! Officially a JJ fangirl, even more so after tonight!

Happy Birthday Singapore! Always thankful to call this place my home even though I complain a lot. Also grateful that National Day falls just 2 days shy of the lunar hungry ghost festival so i could have my family over for housewarming today! πŸ˜„βœŒπŸ»

Not in the colour i initially wanted because those were out of stock but i feel like im walking on clouds in these shoes & buying them contributes to a good cause, why not?!
#nowhaveareasontoshop #anothersole #buy1feed1

Maybe it's an aging thing, but i very much prefer quieter birthday celebrations in the recent years, a day dedicated to my loved ones. The short trip to BKK was a much-needed respite! Thank you to those sent me your well wishes, I appreciate it! 😘

What 12 tubes of Soy Face Cleanser (couldnt even fit all in a single frame) & $1000 worth of @freshbeauty products look like. I think i'm good for at least a year! Thank you #freshsg! #SoyObsessed

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