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Shenteria Marie  * Voice Over Actress & Author * Voiced audio for AT&T, NCAA, Humana, & FORD * YOU ARE THE PROJECT Member * I create my own opportunities


Me and my love leaving Japan after a month in Tokyo. God sent me the world's greatest gentleman. My one and only, true love. Our love transcends time and space, even far beyond. I wish for everyone to experience the magnificence of having the love of your life. There is something about spending quality time together connecting your souls. We did just that in Japan, two souls daily came together. I'm not at all lucky, I'm so blessed. Beyond comprehension... #truelove #engaged #loves #mylove #happy

Last night, we went to our office to check everything out after living in Japan for a month. Yup we still have a wonderful business that is changing people's lives for the better. We livestream again tomorrow st 6pm PST. Check it out only at www.youaretheproject.com

I made this post before we left Japan. It was such a beautiful day that filled my heart with so much joy and light. No I'm not lucky, I am absolutely BLESSED. Even more so than I think I can handle yet I still keep showing myself that life is the greatest gift I will ever be given. YOLO. God is LOVE. #blessed #humble #grind #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship

My curls return again! I surprised myself that I went to the salon and got it flat-ironed for our trip to Japan in December but I did it! It is just hair afterall, but a versatile wonder nonetheless. Just shy of my 2 year natural hair journey anniversary (February 15th, 2018) πŸ’• It does feel fantastically awesome to go from curly to straight to curly and it still looks so good. It is drying after the leave in conditioner sinks in from an overnight stay in a plastic cap. I wonder how long it will grow. I'm so excited again about this natural hair journey.

This morning, I drank milk from this awesome cup that I bought in Tokyo. Thinking of that awesome land..."Japan Dreaming"

My hair last night before washing it into a curly beauty crown. I'm starting to think like Kera, the 8 year old girl I voice who encourages young girls to love their natural hair. Catch her for the full launch of Kera's Hair Adventures on February 1st, 2018. Only at www.kerashairadventures.com

I was so jet lagged after the flight back to America. It was a direct flight from Japan only 10 hours but it did a number on me. Nonetheless it was a wonderful trip and I'm happy to have arrived safe and sound. I took some beautiful pictures outside the window of glorious mountains standing tall and looking marvelous. I didn't sleep at all during the flight but I enjoyed the in-flight movies Marshall (about Thurgood Marshall seeking justice, a must see), 9 to 5, Valerian, and Battle of the Sexes (I was excited for Billie Jean to beat Bobby Riggs, such an empowering film). What a joy it was to be in Tokyo for a month! I was able to do a lot of reflecting and clearing my head. I'm even more excited to make the rest of 2018 the absolute best year ever! Let's get it πŸ‘ŠπŸ’•πŸ’ͺ

My flight back to America is in less than 12 hours! This trip to Japan has been spectacular πŸ’• I've met so many wonderful people from all across the globe, eaten delicious food, danced onstage at the Maharaja club (a 64 year young woman literally pulled me onstage, she looked fantastic for 64 and danced her ass off, it was beautiful), I learned some Japanese (this will continue), did a lot of voice over work (for some reason the jobs kept flooding in while I was here), and I enjoyed many beautiful moments of joy with the love of my life, Edward. I feel so thankful and blessed to have experienced such treasured moments. Until we meet again soon Japan ✌ My 2018 has started off fantastic and will continue as God directs me. Las Vegas I'm coming home! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ

As human beings, we are energy. Energy surrounds us in the earth, the air, it is everywhere. As beings who were made to create we are only limited by ourselves. Our potential is unlimited. The lives we have are molded daily through our actions and our thoughts. We are either actively or passively creating our futures for ourselves. Circumstance matters only when it is allowed, choose to actively take control of your life. I choose to create the future I want for myself through my actions. I do admit I wasn't always such a positive person, when I let go of baggage, negative thoughts/insecurity, I began to see myself as a created being by God who can and is making my dreams come to fruition. The positive thoughts you think, the positive actions you make are setting you up for a bright future. Remember that. Do the work and receive your reward. Karma is so REAL.

I'm so into Nikuman it's ridiculous! They are so tasty and unbeatable in terms of price. They are the perfect snack or lunch for on the go. They are at all the convenient marts here in Tokyo: 7-11, Lawsons, and Family Mart. Every time I walk into one of these places I want one, they are too good! I'm not a big fan of pork, (I honestly don't understand the bacon craze) but these pork buns I certainly love! Last night in Shibuya I didn't get one, just weaning myself off them since we leave Japan tomorrow. Bittersweet, but the most amazing trip ever!

I did a lot of working and a lil reading today. As I read Les' experiences with fear (False Expectations Appearing Real) I really expand my mind to the realization that fear is not real in any way. Our minds often times hinder us so we have to train them to think the right thoughts. Les Brown is helping me fuel my brain with his positive words. I look at the title of this book and I realize I am literally living my dream. Right now I'm in Tokyo, Japan with the love of my life, I've been receiving tons of voice over jobs while here (I can work anywhere), I'm living my life like it's golden because it is! Les is so right, fear is NOT real. I used to be a fearful, shy person, that is most certainly the past. I'm training my brain to live in the present by creating the future I want. To live fearlessly is a wonderful adventure, I wouldn't have it any other way. LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

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