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A hip-hop legend I think I died in an accident cause this MUST BE HEAVEN ❤ -Kanye West

My love gets me to dress up and unleash my feminine side. Only he is able to do that. I used to be self-conscious of my body, I look too good for that. I always passed compliments on to other ladies but didn't see my own beauty.
I'm 30, forget all that insecurity mess. Each day that passes I get a day older, I must not forget that.
And I still pass on compliments to other ladies, this will remain an unending cycle. No jealousy here 😊 Strengthen your mind and empower yourself 💪 while empowering others. One of my mottos.
As a female, I find myself having to be tough since I deal with other business people, specifically males. One of our biggest problems is sexism today more than anything. There are some ruthless men that will try to take advantage of your skills. Ladies, stand up for yourself. I thank God I was built so tough!
Only my love gets to see that softer side of me ❤ MMOB BOSS LADY

Creating the next work from home blog post. Part 2 is almost finished in my How to Work From Home in 2018 series.
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I gave a talk tonight about 'The importance of self-improvement' in front of the You Are The Project members. It is up to us all to do better for each generation that comes after us. Never stop learning, never stop growing 💯

Today was so fantastic! We went to a family birthday party, Elena turned 4 today. Later, we say Clint Holmes and Earl Turner at The Westgate. Another beautiful night out with my love ❤ I so LOVE US. He keeps me here on Earth even though I often times am thinking far ahead into the future. We will absolutely traverse many worlds together. No one else in the world I'd rather be with 😘😘😘

Blue is absolutely my color.

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When you realize it's only a matter of time. The most precious thing we have yet when we don't utilize it it is wasted. It is the one thing we cannot buy back. The one thing that will run out for each of us someday. So what do I do? I use it wisely. Today is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you will ever be again. Let that sink in ⌚

When you grind daily. Working hard for the young ones coming up behind you. So they can see that they can have more, do more, and be more. I don't just work hard for me. I think of the future. Gotta show them better ❤💪💰
This BOSS LADY go hard. Today has been a long and empowering one. Started out the morning heading over to the office to record a client's video. While there I recorded a vlog and added it to my blog about working from home. Came home to a few voice overs lined up. Chatted on the phone with a client in the Philippines about the next video I'll be creating for them for when they come back to Vegas. Now currently working on that video for them. Busy and FUN DAY indeed. Grind game go so HARD 🔥
Remember you're not just living your life for you. There are young minds watching. Show them better, show them more. Life is what YOU make it.

Finally added my latest client video to my website. This one was about marketing a tutoring app for middle and high schoolers. You can check out the full video on my homepage.💪 I love what I do ❤ Even more wonderful is to market education to young minds. Gotta keep them moving ahead.

The minute you think to yourself that something is impossible, you make it impossible. You stop yourself from putting in the action to make it possible for yourself. 💪Stop limiting yourself💪 Move forward, push through any perceived boundaries or road blocks in your way. Muster up all the strength you have within you to make it possible. It starts with believing in yourself ❤

We're expanding! Yesterday we had to move the class into the bigger room. This week's lesson was all about emotions and how to overcome them. I asked many questions as I know how overpowering emotions can be. Gotta learn to overcome that temporary feeling.

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