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Staying organized is very important in your job role and it shows that you can manage a plethora of information.

Set up a meeting with your manager(s)/supervisor(s) to analyze your work performance. Not only will you gain valuable feedback, but also you show management that you're serious about your job!

Participate in team or department activities to make yourself known!

You can't expect to be seen if you're hidden! Do your do diligence to show up to team or department functions, speak up in meetings, have a leadership mentality, show that you want to do your job well

One way we learn is by asking questions! While it's not advised to ask the same questions multiple times, it is recommended to ask questions to do your job effectively. The more you ask good, thought provoking questions the more you will be noticed.

The little things matter. Not only do they determine the stability of your job, but if you're excelling in your role little things, such as being on time, can determine your growth in the organization.

-Be punctual -Be respectful to your coworkers
-Show up to meetings on time
-Follow Up/ Check your emails and respond in a timely fashion

Just a few helpful tips to think about when you're thinking about a promotion. While these tips may seem like common knowledge, they play a huge factor when you're trying to stand out.

While I will not provide every tip,
I will provide 5 great tips on how to gain a promotion. Stay tuned!

One smile can change someone's day!
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Ask yourself the necessary questions:
-What are your strengths/weaknesses -What do you like to do for fun?
-What comes naturally?
-What is your ideal work environment?

Don't speak negativity over your future. Find an alternative and make it happen captain!

You never know until you try! Don't be scared to go outside your comfort zone!

Don't get discouraged!!

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