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Chilly today
hot tamale

I've been trying to use less single use plastic ever since I read a post that suggested putting a dollar in a jar every time you find yourself using it, to build awareness of your consumption. It was so easy to avoid in my little Italian town. And so hard here in North America. Of course, I've been putting a metaphorical dollar in a metaphorical jar, because, well. You know why.
In other breaking news, I've been learning to fly fish. Here is my metaphorical fish that I caught to eat during my metaphorical run, which was in reality an 11 hour hike. And yes I put a metaphorical dollar in my metaphorical jar for that shrink wrap. Remember, keep your thumbs tight when photographing your metaphorical fish. Nothing like a sloppy thumb to ruin a photo. @mammothcrib @monicaprelle

Ridges have ruffles
@monicaprelle #nevahberidge

She gave me a summit sandwich. She took way better pictures. And this morning we both woke up with overuse laughing injuries. @monicaprelle is my new mountaining buddy whether she likes it or not.

"Maybe all of our suitors will be at the Chinese restaurant"
#wehadsuitors #lotsofthem #theywerenotatthechineserestauranf

Alaska Trail Running Camp. G Roes tells me that he's got room for one or two more people. I'm kayaking in these pics bc last year my leg was broken. Even with one leg, it was still mind blowing. The mountains and glaciers are wild. Feral. Free. If you ever wanted to see a small piece of Alaska, with amazing down to earthlings, this camp is pretty special. And Corle is a helluva cook. And person for that matter.

I can run. I almost don't believe it.

In all my extremely illustrious and death defying climbing career I have never put on or taken off my own chalk bag. Zach feels valued and manly when I make him reach around my bodice and buckle me in.
Today Zach put me on a 5.11 warmup and told me it was a 5.8. I dont really know what these numbers mean so joke was on him, even if I did peel off and swing upside down for what felt like a rather long passage of time. This misinformation was to get back at me for last Wednesday's run when I introduced him to the "mother-in-law wait." You know, when the whole group rests while waiting for the last person to catch up. And then immediately starts running when they do catch up. It's a fun game. We are friends. I'm watching the road here.

McScuse me, bitch?@the_spotted_bean

Me and Wild Rosé. Doing a tourist.

I do love names with an extraneous consonant.

Winter and summer
Different seasons
Same shitshow

1. Steve commemorates our most excellent and eventful climb up Kili. 2. Just a girl and her scars. No more screws. Or rods. Or stitches. Freeeeeeedom. @its_pronounced_hawryluk

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